The Real Reason Liberals Viscerally Loathe Herman Cain

Understanding why liberals and Democrats loathe Herman Cain requires one to first understand and then recognize a basic fact of human psychology that is, I think, universal in all human populations. It is the same psychic event that makes divorces nasty. We reserve our greatest hatred for people we once loved or cared about after we think they have betrayed us. It takes a little tweaking of this basic feature of the human brain to explain the Democrat witch hunt against Herman Cain.

Liberals who hate Herman Cain were never married to to him, they never even knew him or cared about him as an individual. In other words, it’s not about him as an individual. It’s what he represents to them. It may not be racist but it is definitely racial. If he were not Black, but merely a conservative, they would still hate him but for pure ideological reasons having nothing to do with race.

Democrats own the Black vote, and have for decades. Obama got about 96% of the Black vote in 2008 but even white Democrats have usually grabbed at least 90% of it. There is no other identifiable group that votes in such numbers as a group although Jews come close. But not too close; Obama got about 72% of the Jewish vote in 2008. Even with his disdain for Israel and barely hidden anti-semitism he will probably get a clear majority of the Jewish vote in 2012. It’s a strange form of Stockholm syndrome.

That blind devotion to Democrats makes it easy for Democrats to look upon both groups, but especially Blacks, as their children. That’s a bit racist as well as racial, but they don’t see it that way. They think they get so much of the Black vote because they are the great benefactors of the Black population against hostile forces from the right. None of that is true of course, but it doesn’t matter. If you see yourself as someone’s savior and protector your will get might angry any time a member of that group is so ungrateful and traitorous as to make common cause with the enemy from which you think you are their protector.

Any Black person who happens to be a conservative Republican will be seen as loathsome for that reason alone. Their perceived ingratitude for what Democrats believe they have done for Blacks is reason enough to consider them a traitor and a sell-out. They will try to do everything in their power to get even with them, to utterly destroy them. Nothing is seen as too immoral or despicable if it advances that goal. The very existence of a Black conservative, especially a successful one, gives the lie to the myth that Blacks need Democrats or they can’t make it on their own.

It is this phenomenon that enables Karen Kraushaar to call Herman Cain a “monster” for merely making a comment that she is about the same height as his wife. It’s what makes it so easy for #occupy thugs to use the language of racial hatred to taunt a Black security guard at Zuccotti park.

Democrats will of course argue that their witch hunt against Herman Cain has nothing to do with his race. But the truth is that it has everything to do with his race. The great fear of Democrats is that Black people in America will someday realize that conservatives are not their enemies and liberals are not their friends. Without that enormous percentage of the Black vote Democrats could not win an election anywhere anytime. Since the old media is solid Democrat, Herman Cain must be destroyed.

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