The Paper Tiger That Roared

Andrew Sullivan has called President Trump a paper tiger. He’s referring to Trump’s threat to impose a 5% tariff on Mexico to increase by additional 5% each month Mexico refuses to stop letting illegal immigrants pass through Mexico to the U.S. border.

Sullivan said:

Unlike in the past, the large majority of current migrants bring children with them, because they know that guarantees they’ll be admitted to the U.S., given work permits after three months, and a distant court date. Once Trump abandoned his cruel family-separation policy, and the Trump tiger turned out to be made of paper, the numbers surged.

It will, in other words, take a small miracle for tariffs not to start on Monday. It’s peak Trump: using tariffs to stop immigration in an “emergency” he help create.

Sullivan now has egg on his face for those comments. The “paper tiger” has roared and Mexico has submitted.

J.J.Sefton at Ace of Spades says:

The big story over the weekend and continuing is President Trump’s yuuuge win over Mexico, who folded like a wet taco when for the first time in my lifetime a US president actually threatened to seriously punish them with tariffs if they did not stop aiding and abetting the depopulation of Central America (and their own failed kleptocratic third world shit-hole) into our country. From a purely political perspective, it represents a Nelson Muntz laugh of epic proportions to the Democrat-Left-Media Complex and their remoras in the GOP-e who claimed it would destroy our economy, it’s racist and xenophobic or who just openly hate America and have no phony excuses but are grumbling at being kicked hard in the nadlers by Orange-Man-Bad. Yes, the winning – I ain’t no ways tahr’d of it.[a reference to Hillary Clinton’s attempt to speak with a Southern drawl.]

The Republican Senate was of no help on this. Mitch McConnell and — gasp! —  even Ted Cruz criticized Trump’s using the threat of tarrifs to stem the tide of illegal aliens entering through our Southern border with Mexico.

Sullivan accuses Trump of failing on his campaign promise to stop illegal immigration even though the GOP controlled both houses of Congress for the first two years of his presidency. That is on the GOP, not Trump. It’s on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnelll, not Trump. What was he supposed to when these two steadfastly refused to bring Trump’s desired policy change up for a vote in either house? That’s on them. They controlled all of that. Trump tried to convince them but they betrayed not just Trump but their own constituent voters. Their non-action on Trump’s pleas for help at the border was rejected by the GOP in order to appease its donor class. In other words, the GOP stalwarts of the Deep State are to blame, not Trump.

The irony here is that Trump is making more progress on stopping illegal immigration now with the House of Representatives under the control of rotten-to-the-core Democrats than he could when his own party was completely in charge.

How will Paul Ryan ever live this down?


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