The Open Mind?

A blog I visit frequently, Shrinkwrapped, is a favorite for the insightful comments on the nuttery of some people by the psycho-analyst who owns it. Mr. Shrinkwrapped is a good guy in all respects and I guess for that reason he believes that we can and should open a dialog with lefties who disagree with us, and for the large part hate our guts as well. So he has opened up a series on his blog called “The Open Mind” in which he intends to engage a liberal by the name of Jay Adler who has a blog called the sad red earth. The third in this series is here. I am not sure what Shrink believes this will lead to but he apparently hopes it will lead to some sort of detente between liberals and conservatives, at least the ones who read his and Jay Adler’s postings on a regular basis.

For anyone not already aware of this, or for anyone who would be surprised to hear it, I am the guy who brought home my very first report card from kindergarten with a message to my mother from the teacher which said, “Kenny does not play well with other children.” With that in mind I invite you to go to Mr. Adler’s site and view his 25 principles of liberalism, and my comment to his liberal principle Number 24. I used the screen name “Flash Gordon.”

My reaction to the whole idea was negative right out of the chute. Liberals have principles? Since when? Oh well, Mr. Adler believes they do and he has listed 25 of them for us to consider. My comment under the screen name “Flash Gordon” to Mr. Adler’s liberal principle number 24 takes serious issue with the idea that liberals believe that “terror and tyranny must be opposed and freedom and democracy must be supported.” No one who believes those things could ever be a liberal, almost by definition.

BTW, Mr. Adler, as every other liberal in the world, states that he is not a liberal. He says if I want to argue with “liberals” I’ll have to go somewhere else. He won’t be there. Oookay. Elsewhere he agrees that liberals and conservatives must first define how they are different before they can reach common ground. Let’s see if Mr. Adler and I can reach common on this. A major difference between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives proudly proclaim themselves to be conservatives. Liberals, on the other hand, deny that they are liberals. They insist they are “progressives,” or “moderates” or whatever they come up with next. But of course, as soon as they stink up any new name the same way they have the term “liberal” then they will have to deny those names as well. Conservatives will still be proudly proclaiming to be just what they are.

Mr Adler has a beautiful website. I’m jealous. I need to buy some software and learn how to use it.

NOTE: I have recently decided that it is cowardly to post comments on websites using an anonymous screen name but I’ve been using Flash Gordon for too long to give it up entirely. I always list my real email address so I am not anonymous to the owner of the blog I’ve commented on. Now that I also show my website I’m not anonymous to anyone. But I like the name and I’d give that name to this blog except there are more Flash Gordon’s out there than there are Ken Willis’s. Notwithstanding my feelings on this, I invite anyone to comment here under anything they want to call themselves. I did it for so long and still do to some extent so I can’t criticize you for it.

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