The Obama Administration’s Brazen Plot To Exonerate Hillary Clinton is Starting To Seep Out

This is a 30-minute interview of former Federal prosecutor Joe diGenova in January, 2018 by the Daily Caller.  In 1997, diGenova was named Special Counsel by the U.S. House of Representatives to probe the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. He is married to Washington lawyer Victoria Toensing.

The story diGenova tells the story of the brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton from numerous federal crimes she committed while Secretary of State. diGenova lays out the story of how corrupt senior officials in the Obama Administration tried to help Clinton get elected as president by covering up her wrongdoing during the Obama years.

This story reads like a John le Carré spy novel. It contains heros such as National Security Administration Director and Navy Admiral Mike Rodgers, House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) Chairman Devin Nunes. It also has it share of villains like Hillary  Clinton, James Comey, Christopher Steele, Rod Rosenstein, and Robert Mueller.

James Comey had visions of walking in the shoes of J. Edgar Hoover, holding secret files full of dirt with which to blackmail anyone who posed a threat to his position. That was nixed when Trump fired him from the FBI.

An intriguing part of the interview starts at the 15:00 minute mark where diGenova begins telling the story of Admiral Mike Rogers, without whom Americans today might still be in the dark about the corruption of senior officials at the Obama DOJ and FBI. The whole 30 minutes is riveting.


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