The New Yorker Goes To A Tea Party

The Movement
The rise of Tea Party activism.

by Ben McGrath

At The New Yorker. You wouldn’t expect an enthusiastic article about the Tea Party Movement from the pinnacle of Manhattan elitism, but this one is fairly well balanced and provides some interesting history and insightful analysis on the rise of Tea Party Activism.

The liberal establishment firmly dismisses the tea partiers as a grassroots movement, maintaining it is just a thinly disguised and highly orchestrated movement by right-wing organizations. More “astroturf” than grassroots, it is said. Mr. McGrath demonstrates how wrong that notion happens to be. He is no doubt himself more comfortable in the company of those elitists who think that way, but confronted with reality in his extensive coverage of Tea Party participants and rallies he saw and understood that the Tea Party protestors are not beholden to any political party or ideology but rather are a genuine grassroots movement that is frightened by and opposed to the growth of government under Obama. As a result he has written a long article [hey, it’s The New Yorker] that is informative and worthwhile.

He closes with a group at a Tea Party rally singing along to the chorus of a folk anthem in that great American tradition:

Take it back,
Take our country back.
Our way of life is now under attack.
Draw a line in the sand, so they all understand
And our values stay intact.
Take it back.

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