The New Colorado — A Socialist State

In Colorado, Democrats have made their decision: Capitalism died with Hickenlooper.

I’ve lived in Colorado long enough to see it go for from a Red State, or at least a Reddish State, to a Purple State and now to a solid Blue State. Somehow, which might include election fraud, the 2018 election in Colorado was a ‘blue wave” for Democrats. They now have complete control of the governor’s office, the General Assembly, and just about every statewide elective office. That includes a lot of sheriffs, some of whom don’t even have any law enforcement experience. No matter, they’re Democrats. No more is required by the the new radicals.

Their mission is not effective government, unless your idea of effective government is total absolute control over every living soul by Democrat Socialists.

If Alexandria O’crazy-Cortez finds her New York district disenchanted with her in 2020 (there is reason to think they will), she needn’t worry. She can move to Colorado and find plenty of fellow travelers rolling out the red carpet upon her arrival.

I’ve done what I hope not too many other people might also do in this crisis. I’ve made my permanent home in Wyoming. Jeez, don’t tell anybody. New residents too often bring their ideology with them, tuning their new state into the same mess they tried to escape.

Sage Naumann lives in Brighton, Colorado. He has a brilliant, well-worth-your-time op-ed in the Washington Examiner wherein he sets out just what has happened in Colorado. It’s a warning to Texas (my words, not his). He says all who value liberty should know that what the Democrats have done to Colorado they can do anywhere unless voters in their target states stop them.

I happen to know, you may also, that Democrats have put a bulls eye on Texas. If they can take that state’s electoral votes, by any means necessary including election fraud, they will have a lock on future presidential elections.

I took the line at the top of this post from Sage Neumann’s op-ed: In Colorado, Democrats Made Their Decision.  Here’s more:

As in presidential politics, Democrats at the state level are engaged in a footrace to see just how far they can push the limit with liberal legislation. Bills are pending that would let localities all but banish oil and gas operations, ignore the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights to institute paid family leave, explore government-offered health insurance, and even to explore automatically enrolling workers into a government-run retirement plan. All the while, what’s left of the informal caucus of moderate Democrats are either keeping their mouths shut or acting in complicity with those that find great discomfort in their state’s economic success.

Colorado’s unemployment rate sits somewhere abound 2.8%, an entire percentage point lower than the national average. Our income tax rate sits flat at 4.63%, thanks almost entirely and absolutely to the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, the voter-approved measure that forces all tax increase proposals to go to a vote of the people. It should be noted that efforts to raise taxes were rejected on the same ballot that swept Democrats into office. Booms in the oil and gas, marijuana, and agricultural industries have brought prosperity to many, both in rural and metro areas of the state.

Americans outside of the Centennial State should take note of what’s happening here. This shift has not occurred in a vacuum, and it isn’t confined to our borders. It speaks to the value of checks and balances, and the value of having somebody to say “no” when the activists begin to overwhelm. If it can happen in a bastion for liberty such as Colorado, it can happen anywhere.

Come 2020, or maybe sooner, depending upon the results of active recall efforts, Coloradans should have clarity as to what it means to elect Democrats to positions of power: a full, unwavering about-face from the Colorado of recent memory.

Sage Neamann’s fist name is appropriate. He seems to be somewhat of a political sage. Read his whole piece.

I have a hard time believing that the citizens of Colorado suddenly decided in 2018 that they wanted to be governed by radical leftists. I think something fraudulent was afoot. I don’t know exactly what it was, but I do know that Democrats are capable of anything to extend their power.

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