The Most Politicized Disease in History

Lies fly, while the truth comes limping behind, Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

From Cafe Hayek:

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Makay first published in 1841 and remained in print to the present day. This book explains how people will quickly fall into madness and recover from it very slowly.

Covid 19 has made, people go out of their minds and sink into a deep psychological fear. It is unwarranted. Politicians have got drunk on their new found powers over us and have forced us into malevolent and destructive lock downs, social distancing, and the utterly useless practice of wearing masks. Covid is a just another form of flu that does kill people as do most other forms of flu do also. But it doesn’t kill healthy people, especially not young healthy people.

We haven’t noticed the many deaths from the flu because they occur mostly among older people who are usually already sick with other ailments that make they vulnerable to dying from the flu. Another reason flu deaths in the past have largely gone unnoticed is because often the elderly are already in the grip of other diseases they can conceivably kill them. When they die is in not always clear that it was the flu that killed them or a some other ailment, or a combination.

All people, even the sick and elderly, can benefit from a regime of vitamin D and Zinc. Low vitamin D levels are associated with a weakened immune system. Vitamin B and Zinc can reduce one’s risk to Covid by 50%, and can reduce symptoms by 50% if one does contract the disease.

The response by politicians to Covid-19 was the wrong response. Instead of all the restrictions on young healthy people, older more vulnerable people should have been closely cared for. They should have been given treatments that are known to be helpful, such as early use of hydroxychloroguine (HCQ) which has shown to be a very effective treatment for Covid if administered in the first 5 to 7 days of infection.

Instead, the madness continued, much of it on the demonization of HCG that was wholly misunderstood by so many. It is now recognized for the many benefits it covers. If only it had been long ago recognized as a viable treatment for Covid-19, many vulnerable patients could have beed saved. Instead, superstition on a mass scale prevented them from getting a drug that likely would have saved their lives.

Here is important speech given by a Canadian physician.


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