The media gets one right — armed citizen thwarts liquor store robbery

This happened in 2008 but I’m posting it to show how the media can get it right if they want to:

That was a case where a local television station did a magnificent job of reporting on a violent robbery of a liquor store where the criminals were stopped in their tracks by a lawfully armed citizen. But the media often underplays a successful defensive gun use because to report it truthfully would contradict their preferred narrative that armed citizens are no match for criminals. For example, back on February 28, 2012, an angry 28-year-old gunman entered a medical office building in Colorado Springs, Colorado and took three women hostage. After a three-hour standoff, the police shot him, and he died later that evening at a local hospital. The hostages were unharmed. Yet there was also heroic action by a lawfully armed citizen whose bravery and competence in facing off the criminal with his own gun allowed 20 employees and 30 patients to escape, preventing the gunman from taking them hostage.

At Media Underplays Defensive Gun Use Paul Hsieh shows how the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Denver Post took very different approaches in how they reported the story.

Their are dozens if not hundreds of stories every day like the one reported in the video above.  Imagine what a different perception the public, as well as the criminals, would have if all television and print media were willing to report these stories truthfully.

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