The Margaret Thatcher school for Republicans

There is no such school, at least there is not an organized one. But any Republican politician wishing to find a way to deal with a hostile media, and that’s all such Republicans, should studiously familiarize themselves with Thatcher’s methods. It’s all available in videos, books and articles for any aspiring conservative office seeker.

Trouble is, Republicans seem to be laboring under the misconception that they must change the media by making journalists like them, by showing journalists what nice guys and gals they are so the journalists will stop being so hostile to them. This is a terrible misconception to have because that strategy will always and everywhere fail miserably.

Republicans could know this by accepting the reality that most journalists are in Democrat operatives masquerading as journalists. If you are a Republican you will never make a journalist like you or respect you. They believe you are evil and their mission is to destroy you politically. It is possible that a Republican political hopeful can make a journalist pretend to be their friend. This is a strategy for making oneself feel good, but not good for much else. All one need do to gain this little worthless poise is to criticize your fellow Republican politicians. Journalists will flock to you to record your critical comments, not for your gain but for theirs. They will treat you as someone important, all the while losing what little respect for you they may have had. John McCain learned this bitter lesson in 2008.

Below is a video of Margaret Thatcher questioned by Australian George Negus in 1981. In this short video Thatcher demonstrates how to deal with the “Mr. Somesay” trick that journalists like to use to call a conservative nasty names to his or her face while laying it off on some unnamed other person. It’s also useful to getting a Republican to put his foot in his mouth and say something stupid such as, “I am not a crook,” or “I’m not a bigot.” These are statements taken by nearly everyone to mean that you are exactly what you claim not to be.

It is interesting to note that the person who posted this video on Youtube on December 1, 2012, an ultra liberal rattlebrain who calls himself yakidk89, saw it quite differently. He gave this title to the video: “George Negus drills the racist & arrogant Margaret Thatcher 1981,” and followed that title up with this comment: “George Negus drills the true word from the street into Margaret Thatcher and she doesn’t know how to react.”

yakidk89 is too dense to see that Thatcher not only exposed the “somesay” deceit, but also refused to give Negus what he wanted, (an “I am not pigheaded” statement), and she thereby won that round handily.

Please watch the video (only 52 seconds) and decide for yourself:

The truth is that nobody said any of those things on the street to George Negus. It is none other than Mr. Negus himself accusing thatcher of being stubborn and pigheaded but he’s too chicken to say it to her face. Margaret Thatcher also won this little contest by contrasting her ladylike demeanor with George Negus’s deceitful bullying ploy. This is an approach that is available mostly to female conservatives, and they can use it against mulish men like George Negus quite effectively.

Negus later described this exchange as “boring.” I guess it was…for him.

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