The Legacy of Rush Limbaugh and Why I Miss Him So

Before I tried to write something about Rush Limbaugh’s legacy I thought I should  take a look at some of what others have said. I started with google. I should have known better.  Then I went to DuckDuckGo. Good move, much more imsightful writing to be found there.

I listened to Rush from 1988 to his last broadcast before he died. I don’t know why I had thought earlier about what I’d do if Rush ever died. After all, he was younger that I, so why couldn’t he outlive me? I liked those thoughts and comforted myself that I’d die first. I’d never have to see him go, I’d die first. I’d never have to mourn a loss as large, as awful, I’d never be left without Rush.

Rush was a source of information that changed my life, or at least it changed how I think. I don’t why I started listening to Rush, probably because it seemed so many people I knew hated him. I was curious as to why a political talker could arouse such hatred. I have always believed hatred of others whom I didn’t really know to be more harmful to me, the hater, than to the hated who couldn’t care less that I hated them. So I made myself refrain from hatred and to be satisfied with a bit of revulsion. Disgust and loathing seemed less than hatred, and therefore less harmful to myself.

I was a runner in those days, having run a marathon and running seven miles most days of the week. I needed some stimulus to keep that up. Radio music from a  Walkman was too awful to be of any help.  I thought that Rush would likely make me just angry enough to keep up a stiff pace.

The opposite is what happened. I kept the pace but ditched the anger. In Rush Limbaugh I found someone who agreed with me on almost everything. Not everything, but all that mattered most was music to my ears. My noon time running was now complete.

I can’t run anymore due to injuries suffered, but all other sorts of physical exercise and body building remain possible. Thank you, Lord.

I sorely miss Rush even though he left behind a legacy of others that do their best to fill the gaps left by him.

I yearn for what Rush would have to say about the insanity of Democrats who now put us through a daily epidemic of nonsense and baloney. Rush would have immediately seen through all the fraud that was committed on November 3, 2020. Rush would have never given up to the crooks and fellow travelers who insist we are not allowed to talk about the 2020 debacle. Rush would likely have read Molly Hemingway’s book, Rigged.

Rush and Donald Trump were true friends. Mr. Trump, Please stay as healthy as your are now.   I won’t be able to take it if again I have to put up with another bout of liberal excitement and sickening enjoyment over the death of a good man.

May Trump live to at least 120!

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