The Leftist Claim That Trump is an Anti-Semite is Beyond Stupid

I started out saying the Leftist claim that Trump is an anti-semite is the dumbest of all the sick allegations made against him, but quickly abandoned that idea because all the deranged accusations against Trump are equally stupid. The claim that Trump is bad for Jews may just be the easiest to refute.

Dov Fischer, who is Jewish, answers this false Leftist claim that Trump is an anti-semite with concise logic at The American Spectator:

Three years of lies and smears are doing the anti-Trumpian hysterics and haters no good. Among the various yarmulkes I wear, I am a Senior Rabbinic Fellow at Coalition of Jewish Values, a national body that speaks for some 1,000 ordained American Orthodox rabbis. I started asking my rabbinic colleagues: “What do you guys make of this ‘Trump is bad for Jews’ stuff?” And all my colleagues — hundreds and hundreds of major prominent ordained and practicing American Orthodox rabbis — agreed with me: We can’t figure out what these Leftists are talking about. First of all, his daughter is an Orthodox Jew, and he is very close with her. His son-in-law is, too, and they obviously are close. Several of his grandchildren are Orthodox Jews. Over time, Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, moved America’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem, withdrew from the barbaric UN Human Rights Council, withdrew from the insane and deadly Iran Deal, has supported religious freedoms and the rights of the living unborn, commuted the sentence of a Jew who was railroaded by a corrupt anti-Semitic court system in Iowa, had his Education Secretary visit and praise yeshiva private schools, saw his Vice President roll up his sleeves and physically assist in restoring a Jewish cemetery that had been vandalized in St. Louis. And the list goes on.

Fischer refutes most of the other false accusations against Trump. The claim that he is racist, made with smug self assurance by Alexandria Ocasio-TacoRosado, is also easily debunked — Since when do racists hang around with Blacks and Hispanics? President Trump comforted the brother of fallen police officer Ronil Singh with some powerful words on Thursday. Is that what a racist would do?  Trump’s public words at the meeting at the Southern border:

“We are deeply moved to have with us Reggie Singh, whose brother (was) Ronil Singh, incredible guy. I mean, I watched and I’ve rarely felt worse watching news of our nation than watching your family, and the love that you have for your brother. I watched a family right around Christmas time … suffer and I’d like to ask Reggie, maybe you could say a few words about your incredible brother, the job he was doing.”

Lest anyone think Trump was pandering, these words to Reggie Singh were said privately but were caught on a hot mike: “We’re with you. You know that, right?” Those calling Trump a racist are vile,  vicious, deceitful, lying scumbags deserving no respect.

Dov Fischer makes the case that Trump is good for Jews. Obama hated Israel and had little regard for Jews. But American Jews are a special kind. That have no gratitude for those who are on their side, and consistently vote for Democrats even though the Democrat party and the Left constitute the red-hot center of anti-semitism in America. The Jerusalem Post reported on November 10, 2016 that 68% of Jews voted for Hillary Clinton and 28% voted for Trump. I’m not nearly smart enough to explain what could possibly be going on in the heads of that 68% of American Jews. They must have some sort of Stockholm Syndrome.

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