The Left shamelessly uses brainwashed children for political gain

The Tragedy of Greta Thunberg

Sixteen-year-old Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg lives in the healthiest, wealthiest, safest, and most peaceful era humans have ever known. She is one of the luckiest people ever to have lived.

In a just world, Thunberg would be at the United Nations thanking capitalist countries for bequeathing her this remarkable inheritance. Instead, she, like millions of other indoctrinated kids her age, act as if they live in a uniquely broken world on the precipice of disaster. This is a tragedy.

Someday kids the age Greta Thunberg is now will be mocking the adults in their lives for so brutely lying to them and scaring them with baloney and propaganda. I hope they see through all the current nonsense when they get to be 85 and remember how they were made to think they were all going to die before they were 25.

Two hundred years from now people will wonder what in the world was wrong with those people who lived back in early 21st Century.

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