The Left knows only one way to defeat conservatives

A conservative who is genuine and can articulate conservative ideas poses the greatest threat to Democrats, progressives and leftists everywhere. They have no ideas with which they can compete, they can’t have an honest debate with a conservative so they resort to the only thing they know how to do.  Since they can’t win the political argument with their vacuous bromides they must utterly destroy their conservative opponents with personal attacks. They have made such a tradition of this it even has a name: Borking, for what they did to Robert Bork when President Reagan nominated him to the Supreme Court.

They are not always successful. They tried to destroy Clarence Thomas with Anita Hill but it didn’t work.  One reason it didn’t work is that Clarence Thomas stood up for himself and fought back. Also, a completely different Arlen Specter than the one that later emerged stood up to defend Thomas and did so effectively and brilliantly. That Arlen Specter defended Thomas by questioning Anita Hill with the cross examination skills he had earlier honed as a prosector in Philadelphia. Now Clarence Thomas is one of the smartest Supreme Court Justices in the history of the court. His opinions are a model of skillful writing, brilliantly argued legally and Constitutionally, and wonderful to read.

The Left is always a sore loser.  They continue to demonize Clarence Thomas, and they have achieved success mostly limited to their true believers who have been brainwashed to believe Thomas is stupid because he doesn’t ask many questions in oral hearings. Not all Thomas’ detractors are cultist idiots. Some lawyers whose intellect I otherwise respect have joined the “Thomas is dumb” chorus. Not being one of them I don’t accuse them of being racist. I ask them how many of Thomas’s opinions they have read, and they look at me wild-eyed and ask if he has written any. Then, I know that further discussion will be a frivolous waste of time. Of course, reading his opinions either doesn’t occur to them, or because they know they would find nothing in them to support what they want to believe.

Ben Carson is about to find out what the Left does when they are scared of a conservative who can talk in way that people might want to listen.  They have the long knives out, sharpening them for the attack.

Roger Simon is hopeful for Carson, and thinks his slow, thoughtful and deliberate manner of speaking with help him.  I hope so. If Carson lives up to what I think he is capable of, it is going to be a joy to watch it unfold. But if not, it’s going to be tragic and disheartening because he is a better man than any of the ones who are coming to topple him with lies, innuendo and stupid emotional appeals.

If only the Republican establishment could learn one simple thing. The Democrats will always telegraph who they fear the most. They are about to send a letter special delivery that it is Ben Carson they fear. Will Republicans listen? Well, I’d say that something that has never happened before is the least likely to happen now.

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