The impending collapse of the climate change scare

The Impending Collapse Of The Global Warming Scare by Francis Menton:

So what can we predict about where the climate scare is going?

Start with the EPA.  To the extent that the global warming movement has anything to do with “science,” EPA is supposedly where that science is vetted and approved on behalf of the public before being turned into policy.  In fact, under Obama, EPA’s principal role on the “science” has been to prevent and stifle any debate or challenge to global warming orthodoxy.

For example, when a major new Research Report came out back in Septemberclaiming to completely invalidate all of the bases on which EPA claims that CO2 is a danger to human health and welfare, and thus to undermine EPA’s authority to regulate the gas under the Clean Air Act, EPA simply failed to respond.

In the same vein, essentially all prominent global warming alarmists refuse to debate anyone who challenges any aspect of their orthodoxy.  Well, that has worked as long as they and their allies have controlled all of the agencies and all of the money.  Now, it will suddenly be put up or shut up.  And in case you might think that the science on this issue is “settled,” so no problem, you might enjoy this recent round-up at Climate Depot from some of the actual top scientists.

If the multi-tens-of-billions per year funding gusher for global warming alarmism quickly dries up, the large majority of the people living on these handouts will have no choice but to go and find something productive to do.  Sure, some extreme zealots will find some way to soldier on.  But it is not crazy at all to predict a very substantial collapse of the global warming scare over the course of the next couple of years.

I was arguing with anyone who would listen (there weren’t many) back in the 1980s that “global warming” had nothing to do with science and was just a boondoggle of pseudoscience to scam loot from the government in the form of research grants. It was when the scammers gave up on preaching sermons about global cooling and shifted to global warming (because there was too much evidence that refuted the cooling narrative) that the light went on for me. I thought it should be plain for anyone to see what was really going on.

I argued that it wouldn’t work and soon we’d hear the last of it.  I was wrong about that. Either the warming argument was just more persuasive or some aliens from another planet had appeared one night to blow some new gas into the atmosphere or spiked the drinking water nationwide with some un-earthly chemical that raised the credulity of the vast public, turning masses of people into suckers for tall tales and nonsense.

By the time it was clear to anyone with half a brain that no warming was occurring the pseudo science crowd and their fellow travelers easily switched the narrative to climate change without missing a beat.  The beat went on, and on and on. Until now.

By 2009 it was getting too much for anyone to seriously believe, what with the East Anglia email dump revealing for the world all about Mike’s Hockey Stick Trick, and the lack of any serious warming over at least 20 years when the warmists werre predicting we’d soon all be fried like bacon. But here we are, it’s almost 2017 and the climate change goons still seem to be winning the intimidation game. Or are they?

It’s getting harder for them and more scrutiny will be coming their way with Donald Trump in the White House and adults running the EPA, the Department of Energy, and the State Department. The end is nigh and the Millennials who believe they will die in fiery death before they are eligible for social security may soon have to face life, to some of them it seems, it’s a fate worse than death.

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