The Growing Gap Between American Jews and Israel

Eastern Europe was the center of Jewish life until and after WW II. Murderous Pogroms such as Kristallnacht in November 9, 10 of 1938 and the Jedwabne Massacre in Poland on 10 July 1941 began to change all that.

The Growing Gap Between American Jews and Israel

This is an astounding report. We have long known that American Jews hold allegiance to both their Jewish religion and their preference for left-leaning politics. In the past they also held onto a devotion to Israel as a Jewish State.

As the Democrat party has increasingly moved Left and adopted progressivism [a strange name that has little to do with anything “progressive”] American Jews are more and more being forced to decide between their devotion to the oldest religion in the world, or American Leftist politics having little resemblance to what used to be the Democrat party. It used to be easy to be a religious Jew and a Democrat. No more.

Presently it appears that Leftist politics is winning out over Judaism. The main exception is orthodox Jews who remain stedfast to their religion.

As American Jews increasingly abandon their allegiance to Israel they will continue to distance themselves from Jewish religious life.

When I was in Israel I saw something I thought would capture the interest of young American Jewish men thinking about marriage. It was young Israeli women. They just may be the most beautiful young women on this planet.

The man in the featured photo above is standing at the Western Wall of the 2nd Temple. It is where Jews offer their prayers. You don’t have to be Jewish to pray there. So I prayed there. My prayer was answered. First time that ever happened.

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