The Great Global Warming Blunder

The evidence of the great global warming hoax keeps piling up and this new book by Roy Spencer collects much of it in one place.
global warming blunder I’m proud to say that I never for one minute believed the hype that human activity was causing global warming. The idea just seemed too preposterous to take seriously, but as we know the overwhelming majority of people in western civilization fell for it hook, line and sinker. So if you are one who swallowed it whole you needn’t feel bad since nearly everyone else did as well.

This book explains in layman’s terms why any recent warming is simply part of natural earth cycles that have been going on for millennia. It has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. But there are still plenty of politicians, speculators, and commodity traders that saw a chance to turn carbon dioxide into gold and they won’t give up until the last lie is told. The true believers will also hang on as long as they can even though they don’t stand to gain financially. They just won’t easily accept the psychological pain of having to admit they were duped.

Even in usually sensible Wyoming the cowboys are still making plans to spend millions of dollars, perhaps billions, to pump carbon dioxide into underground caverns. At some point I predict they are going to feel pretty stupid, and look it too.

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