The Good Wife in Action

The video below is a local news report from St. Paul, Minnesota about a man who was attacked by a gang of young men (15 to 30 of them!) in his driveway.  He came home to find them in his driveway engaged in some sort of gambling. When he asked them to leave they assaulted him. Thus, a classic “dispartiy of force” situation arose justifiying the use of deadly force to stop the attack.

The man does have a CCW permit and usually carries his gun but since he had just arrived home from work he carrying firearm at the time. Apparently, his employer doesn’t allow him to carry at his workplace.

That’s when an actual “Good Wife” stepped in to save her husband. Wholly unlike the one played on television by Julianna Margulies, this wife was not going to stand by while her husband faced mortal combat with goons. She rushed out of the house with her own gun (she also has her CCW permit) pointed at the hoodlum thugs who immeditiately dispersed and ran away. A few of them fled in a car. Police are looking for them.

Watch the video, and then check the after-action assessment below:

Gary Kleck of the University of Florida has done extensive studies of the number and occurrence of defensive gun uses in America. A defensive gun use is any occurrence where a citizen stops a criminal attack with a gun, whether or not any shots are fired. Kleck’s study and many others have documented that anywhere from 1-3 millions defensive gun uses occur each year in the United States. The remarkable part of the study’s findings is that in over 95% of these happenings no shots are fired. The criminal(s) breaks off the attack and runs away as sson as the gun is presented.

That is what happened in this case. Note also that even though police were called as soon as possible, calling the police would not likely have saved the victim from serious bodily injury or death. The criminals were only seconds away from inlficting grave and possiblly mortal wounds when the Good Wife intervened and stopped the attack. The Police were minutes away, not seconds.

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