The First Million Mom March

The horrifying school massacre in Parkland, Fla., has prompted another national debate about guns. These “conversations” are seldom if ever constructive or helpful. They are invariably dominated by screeching extremists offering vacuous bromides such as “assault rifle” bans without actually knowing anything about guns, crime, or mental illness. They especially know very little about the horrors that may await the citizens after their government has disarmed them

The first “Million Mom March” to advocate severe restrictions on private gun ownership, was held on May 14, 2000. It had been organized by Donna Dees-Thomases after she viewed broadcast coverage of the Los Angeles Jewish Community Center shooting in Granada Hills, California. A counter-rally by the pro-firearm Second Amendment Sisters, was also held on the same day.

Donna Dees-Thomas was probably unaware and uninterested in an earlier march of some moms that happened at Mizocz Ghetto, Poland on October 14, 1942. These mom’s husbands were sent to labor and/or death camps. Then the moms were stripped of their clothes and marched to a ravine to be shot. Some were holding infants.

Whenever I hear the message of The Million Mom March, that no one should have a gun, I think of the forced march made by these Jewish moms nearly 75 years ago. It’s also been called the “First Million Mom March.”

After the mass shooting, some of the Jewish moms were still alive. This picture shows a German policeman shooting them.

It’s astounding that the Germans took pictures of this. The source of these photos is the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. It’s also astounding that the current members of the “Million Mom March” are unmoved by them, or unmoved in any way that might be effective in assuring this sort of thing never happens again.

If these moms had lived in a country such as the United States where a majority of households have  a gun, sometimes many guns, would their fate under the German Army and the Waffen SS invasion have been different?

We know two historical facts that suggest yes, it would have been much different. It is unlikely the Germans could have so easily slaughtered them and their babies and thrown them into a ditch. First, a ragtag group of 15 Jews who probably had never touched a firearm in their lives held off the SS in the Warsaw Ghetto for two weeks with just few old guns that were in poor condition. From April 19 to May 16, 1943 these Jewish defenders held back a German Waffen SS Brigade. In the end the Germans burned the Ghetto killing the resistance effort. That they were held off so long demonstrates the power of armed resistance to  a rogue government force. If the Jews had lived in culture where a majority had a tradition of gun ownership and use, they probably would never have been targets for extermination.

We know that Hitler didn’t want to invade Great Britain because at that time British citizens were allowed to possess firearms.

Many more photos taken by the Waffen SS 

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