The Fall From Grace at the FoxNews Channel Continues Apace — UPDATED

FoxNews has lost a third of its audience in the last  two weeks. Something that often happens when a business goes into rapid decline is that the owners do something stupid that adds fuel to the fire that is destroying the business.

FoxNews is threatening to not let anyone who appears on NewsMax ever appear as a guest on FoxNews. Stupid? Yes, beyond belief. Why would anyone want to appear on a cable news show that has threatened them? Why would anyone want to appear on FoxNews given its huge loss of ratings almost overnight? Why would anyone want to appear as a guest on a cable news outlet run by morons?

Roger Ailes must be turning over in his grave and Rupert Murdoch must be tearing his hair out over his two idiot sons who are destroying everything he and Ailes built. Well, that’s what the offspring of wealthy and very smart men do, I guess. They destroy all that was handed to them on a silver platter.

I used to represent clients who were selling a business they had successfully developed over a substantial period of time. Invariably it seemed, the buyer would make wholesale changes in the business, causing it to go under completely.

Suddenly they would realize they had lost all the money they paid to buy the business, plus all they had spent on changing the business plan. It never seemed to dawn on them that they had destroyed all that had made the business successful. They should have continued on with what the seller had built.

P.T. Barnum was spot-on right when he said there is “one born every minute.” He was referring to suckers, morons, idiots and dumbbells. Yeah, every minute.

FoxNews won’t be seeing any ratings like this any time soon:

2019 Ratings: Fox News Averages Largest Prime

Time Audience Ever, Is No. 1 Basic Cable Network

for the Year

FoxNews, R.I.P

UPDATE: FoxNews ratings collapse deepens

“What a beautiful thing. Most former FOX news viewers have been watching for decades. I remember supporting their entry into the NY market back in the 80s – desperate for an alternative to news networks and CNN. FOX became who they were – #1 – because of us. And they turned on us at our most critical hour.”


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