The face of hatred in America

The face of hatred in America.

I hate brussels sprout. Sometimes I forget something I was supposed to do. I hate it when that happens.

These are harmless uses of the word “hate” because genuine hatred is not what is being expressed. The word is being used just to make it clear that brussels sprout are yucky to me and I am disgusted with myself when I forget something important.

Only a literalist would accuse me of being someone who “hates.” In the real world I don’t harbor actual hatred of anything or anybody. Under the traditional definition of the word as being an intense ill will toward someone, I don’t hate anybody. Well, the 911 terrorists maybe, but that’s about it.

So what? Just a bit of virtue signaling on my part?

No. Real hatred is a big problem the world, especially in politics. The real hatred the Palesintians feel for the Jews of Israel makes it impossible for the two people to live side by side in peace. The Jews of Israel may say they hate the Palestinians but they don’t really hate them. They are using the word out of frustration for the death and suffering that is being inflicted on them. If the Palestinians ever decided to live peaceably with Israel they would find Israel to be the best neighbor they could ever imagine. This will not and can not ever happen because the Palestinians really do viscerally hate the Jews.

The hatred the American left holds for Conservatives and Republicans is not as intense as the hatred the Palestinians hold for the Israelis. Not yet. I wouldn’t bet on the future.

The death of Barbara Bush has given the Left a chance to exhibit their hatred of political opponents that approaches white hot. The featured image for this post shows a woman who looks fairly sweet, wouldn’t you say? Meet Professor Randa Jarrar of California State University at Fresno. Without knowing more you wouldn’t call that the face of hatred in America would you? There is more to know.

Here is what Professor Jarrar tweeted on the death of Barbara Bush:

lots of retweets and likes, but apparently a bit of criticism as well, so she doubled down:

Not as sweet as she looks, eh?

What is going on here?  Hatred, the real kind. The kind the Palestinians hold for Israel. The Bush family are Ms. Farrar’s fellow citizens. They are Americans. They haven’t killed any of Ms. Farrar’s family or friends. Why does she hate them so? Without knowing any more about Ms. Farrar’s political thoughts, I’d bet dollars to donut holes she hold no ill will of this sort for Islamic terrorists who threathen the lives of Americans. How can that be?

It can be because the left reserves its most visceral hatred for Republicans and conservatives. But wait, more than for terrorist murders? Yes, because terrorist murders don’t pose a threat quite as personal to the left as does the GOP and conservatives. Republicans want to do something the left takes very personal. Republicans want to win elections that will oust the left from its political power. That’s serious. That, in their world, is hateful.

There is no changing this because the left still holds most of the levers of power in America. The left owns the public schools, the Universities, the judicial and the legal system, the national media are their darling supporters, Hollywood is rapturous for them.

If that weren’t enough, the Republicans, the stupid party for sure, will not even fight back most of the time. The left wants to win elections but it doesn’t need to win elections to remain in power. It wants to keep that power and it will do by any means necessary.

Sweet looking Randa Jarrar is the face of hatred in America. I wonder if he eats with that mouth.

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