The Elephant in the Room Nobody is Talking About

This was originally posted in February, 2019.  It remains relevant today. Compared to the nightmare now upon us, 2018 and 2019 were years of sanity along our Southern Border, under the good work of President Donald J. Trump. Now, in 2021, we fallen back into the worst border crises in at least two decades. All thanks to the reckless policies of Joe Biden.


The elephant in the room nobody is talking about is the real reason Democrats are so opposed to border security. They oppose it so vehemently that they are willing to accept all the horror that goes along with an open border policy. That horror consists of the opioid crisis [add Covid-19 to that] being fueled by the Mexican drug cartels; human trafficking of young Hispanic and Latin girls that are cast into sex slavery; a significant number of illegals are violent criminals who disperse into the country and sew havoc on American citizens. Another sizable group have drunk driving crashes that kill innocent people on the road. Some are violent criminals who rob, and murder and rape Americans who. All are a danger to Americans who thought they were living in a safe environment.

Jihadist Muslim terrorists have figured out that our Southern border is the easiest way for them to enter our country.

Every crime committed by an illegal alien is one that would not have occurred if that alien wasn’t in the United States in the first place.

America is becoming like Israel where everyone personally knows someone who has been killed or had a family member killed by Palestinian terrorism. In America we are reaching a point where every American knows someone or some family who has been a victim of a criminal who came here illegally across our Southern border.

Here are the statistics we have seen  everywhere showing the estimated number of Crimes committed and charged by illegal aliens in 2018:

  • 2,200 homicides.
  • 180,000 rapes or coerced sex.
  • 138,000 assaults.
  • 81,000 cases of drug smuggling.
  • 27,000 cases of human smuggling.

[An update for illegal alien crime rate for 2019, 2020, and year to day 2021 can be found here]

It’s not just American citizens paying the price for criminal violence. These numbers include crimes committed against other illegal aliens as well as against American citizens. Open borders are a criminal haven.

We all know about Kate Steinle, shot in the back by Garcia Zarate in San Francisco who had been convicted of previous crimes in our country and deported five times. We know how a San Francisco jury decided that killing a young woman with her whole life ahead of her might have been an accident, even though that conclusion rested on dubious evidence and a twisted contortion of reality.

I did not know her personally but everyone living in Jackson, Wyoming remembers illegal alien Crecencio Perez-Avila who killed 32-year old Kristen Ardinger Karn in a head-on crash on Highway 22 on August 9, 2010. Karn was the mother of a 3-year old child. Karn’s senseless death is one among literally thousands across America killed by drunk drivers who are illegally in our country.

There are presently several hundred miles of impenetrable border walls on America’s Southern border with Mexico. Current border walls cover only about one-third of the entire 2,000 miles border.  If the border wall were finished our Southern border could not be so easily penetrated. Thousands would be stopped before they set foot on U.S. soil.

If you do a Google search using the words “open borders” you will pages and pages of articles, newspaper stories and blog posts extolling the virtues of open borders and why all decent people should want them. The open borders advocates absolutely refuse to distinguish among different kinds of immigrants. Whether immigrants have skills, whether they have criminal records, do or do not want to assimilate, will or will not place a burden on welfare roles and infrastructure of the country to which they want to immigrate, are all considered irrelevant to the champions of open borders.

That’s the hole in their logic and it cannot be fixed. A sovereign nation must be able to evaluate immigrants before allowing them into their country. A sovereign people have a right to know what sort of foreign persons are going to be living along side them.

If we finish the border wall we would then be able to stop the Mexican drug cartels from flooding America with opioid drugs (synthetics such as fentanyl and oxytocin) and opiate drugs (heroin and morphine made from the poppy plant) that are killing Americans. Drunk driving deaths would be greatly reduced. Illegal alien crime would almost evaporate.

Unskilled Americans would be able to find higher paid employment that would not only give them job experience but also a higher living standard and the ability to learn a trade and to become skilled workers at a higher pay grade. Something we should always want to avoid is a surplus of unskilled labor in America. That’s a recipe for welfare overload and lots of idle young males making trouble. On huge benefit everyone should welcome is that young hispanic girls could not so easily be sold into sex slavery by human traffickers.

Finishing the wall on our Southern border does not mean immigration will stop. The wall will have a door in it for legal immigration. Immigration in itself is not a bad thing for America. Legal immigration allows us to decide what sort of immigrants we want. We have that right as a sovereign nation. We can keep those with violent criminal records out. We accept immigrants that have skills that America needs. We can accept immigrants who will be happy and prosperous. Unhappy people make others unhappy by their destructive behavior. We have an absolute right to reject those people.

Who does not want the good things that will flow from completing the wall?

Democrats don’t. Even some Republicans don’t because they are receiving financial for their political campaigns from the Chamber of Commerce, who also doesn’t care about the suffering caused by open borders. They want the cheap labor provided by illegal immigrants.

This brings us to the REAL reason, the really, really big reason Democrats want open borders. That’s the elephant in the room nobody is talking about.

We all know that the Democrats need a permanent underclass who will be glad for the pittance handouts they get for voting Democrat. Democrat’s main constituency of the elite rich also need the permanent underclass. John D. Rockefeller could feel good about himself by passing out dimes to people on the savagely poor streets of late 19th Century America.  America’s Wealthy Democrat elites do the same thing with welfare and food stamps.

The REAL reason for Democrats’ open border policy with Mexico is to enable Democrats to obtain and keep political power by the illegal voting of illegal immigrants. California Democrats have perfected it. No Republican has a chance in California because of the Democrat illegal voting machine that exists in that state. Colorado all becoming another California. After we complete the Southern border we’ll need to start on one for Wyoming.

Finishing the border wall would be a stride toward forcing Democrats to win only in fair and honest elections.

Democrats want the California/Colorado model to extend that to enough more states so that they can stay in power forever and everywhere. Why do the Chamber of Commerce Republicans go along with this? Don’t they see how they will slowly become extinct? The only explanation that makes sense is the oldest one. The GOP has always and continues to deserve its name as the stupid party.

It’s the stupid party because for some reason they have not yet realized that the wealthy elite are no longer Republicans. They have nearly all switched to the Democrats. After all, they’re rich. They can afford stupid Democrat policies. The Democrat party is dangerous but not stupid. It knows who its voters are and everything it does is to serve that constituency.

Republicans seem not to know who their voters are. It’s actually pretty simple. Republican middle class voters are the middle class ones who used to vote Democrat. Some Republicans know this but don’t like their new constituency of working class voters. They want back the wealthy elite country club types that used to vote for them. They’re living a fantasy. Those voters are gone and they aren’t coming back. They are the ones Republicans should dislike.


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