The Dumb Blonde As Governor

The old media goes berserk trying to cast Sarah Palin as dumb, stupid, ignorant, and crazy.  But it’s an elected Democrat dumb blonde who is the personification of dumb, stupid, ignorant and crazy.  Here is what she said, and she was serious and not joking or kidding, as the media has tried to portray:

“You have to have more ability from Congress, I think, to work together and to get over the partisan bickering and focus on fixing things.

“I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover.

“I really hope that someone can agree with me on that.”

I refer to Democrats as members of the Democrat party.  I have for the last several years refused to say “Democratic” party because I believe they disdain the democratic process.  They don’t like it because they can’t get their agenda advanced that way.  Now the idiot governor of North Carolina has spilled the beans and proven that the Democrat party does not deserve to be called “Democratic.”

I recall that when Castro entered Havana in 1959 he said, “Elections?  We don’t need no election.  The people have spoken.” Hitler became Chancellor of Germany after the Nazis won a majority in the elections of early 1933.  By the end of that year he had concentrated his power and had become the supreme leader.  No more elections were held until the Third Reich had been defeated in World War II.  This dumb blonde is probably unaware of this history, and she’s probably just as clueless as to what a stupid statement she has made.  The way to fix the American economy is for the voters to clean house in the 2012 elections and get rid of as many Democrats as possible, not to insulate them from elections so they can continue to wreak havoc.

The shameless media trying to save Purdue’s bacon by claiming she was joking don’t have enough self awareness to realize what a pathetic joke they have become. [I don’t know how the lovely Beverly spells her name, it seems to appear with a “u” in some accounts and with an “e” in others.]

The Democrats and Obama continue to give Republicans plenty of material for campaign commercials and speeches next year. Republicans will be grossly remiss if they don’t exploit it to the hilt.

UPDATE:  Democrats seems to be on a bender to get rid as much democracy* as possible and to institute rule by unaccountable committees of technocrats.  The “super committee” created out of the deficit deal is an example of how Democrats dream of having a government they can control without interference from the schlubs who think they should get to elect their own representatives.  See Peter Orszag calls for less democracy, more rule by elite technocrats and Orszag and the People.

UPDATE II: The Washington Examiner calls for Purdue [Perdue?] to resign as governor of NC or for voters to fire her if she doesn’t: Obama Style Democracy: Bureaucrats Know Best:

The federal government’s legitimacy is based upon the consent of the governed. This nation’s Founding Fathers would have had it no other way. Given Perdue’s apparent disdain for the American constitutional system, she might be more comfortable in the private sector, where hierarchical management is the rule. And the voters in her state should remind her next November who’s the boss.

*I use the term “democracy” loosely meaning a representative republic which is what the founding fathers created in the U.S. Constitution and tried to guarantee to us.  Our founding fathers wisely foresaw that there would be people like Beverly Perdue, Peter Orszag and Barack Obama.  They tried to give us a Constitution that would save us from such people.  They couldn’t think of a way short of armed insurrection to save us from a Supreme Court stacked with liberal justices who will trash the Constitution if they can.  The 2012 election will be about saving the American Republic.

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