The Dems and their pundits don’t know what Trump is doing

Trump is playing them like a fiddle…

“The squad is the reason for instructions on shampoo bottles.” — Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana

It might be too late when Democrats figure out how Trump is playing them like a fiddle. They can call him a racist all they want, it just bounces off him. The word “racist” has lost it power due to overuse. Just as the first person to call his opponent a Nazi loses the argument, the first person to call the other a racist is becoming a loosing proposition. If racial slurs is all they have, we know they have no argument to make.

Trump is playing by Alinsky’s Rules even though he has probably never read the book. His instincts are nevertheless guiding him on the Alinsky path. The Left thinks they own those rules but when they weren’t looking Trump stepped inside their OODA loop.

The Alinksy rule Trump is following, even if he’s not deliberately trying to do so, is Alinksy’s Rule No. 11: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” With this rule, whether he’s aware of it or not, Trump is playing them like a fiddle.

This one has been used by Democrats for decades to get rid of any Republican that threatens their power. They used it effectively on Mitt Romney in 2012. They used on George W. Bush to lower his approval rating to below 30%. They used to hound Papa Bush 1992. They used it to neutralize Newt in 1995. I could go on and on.

Trump is using it on the “squad” of the four lunatics, Ilhan Omar,  Alexandria O’crazy-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib. CNN thinks that with the squad Trump has met his match. That’s OK with Trump, he probably wants CNN to believe that.

The facts appear otherwise. Trump has polarized the squad and the Democrat party so that the squad is the new face of the Democrats. Pelosi is speaker in name only, power has shifted to the squad.

But the squad is not popular with the people. Omar has a 9% approval with voters, O’crazy AOC has a 22% approval rating.  Socialism is not popular. Fewer than one in five have a favorable view of socialism. Fifty percent have a negative view. The other 32 percent never heard of it.

If the four crackpots remain at the center of the Democrat party at election time in 2020 [Trump will see to that] a blitz will occur. The Democrats won’t know what hit them. Even some of the usually asleep-at-the-wheel Republicans are fighting back:

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