The Democrats’ war on the right of self defense

durbinThey don’t like “stand your ground” laws.  Those laws say you don’t have to run from a criminal that is threatening you with serious bodily harm or death.  As long as you are in a place where you have a legal right to be, and you are also not the initial aggressor, you don’t have to retreat.  You can stand your ground. You can defend yourself, and if you are being threatened with deadly force, you can respond with deadly force.

Democrat Senator Dick Durbin, from Chicago, doesn’t like this.  He’s going to try to change it, so you will have to run away.  If you can.  Or even if you can’t.

The ghost of Trayvon Martin:

Senator Richard Durbin, the second most powerful man in the Senate, will hold a special hearing this week on state self-defense laws and the death of Trayvon Martin.

Meanwhile, the FBI reported in September that Chicago has surpassed New York City as the murder capital of the United States, with 500 murders in 2012.  But Senator Durbin will never mention this in his war against law-abiding citizens on behalf of criminals.  Calling attention to the cesspool of Chicago would draw too much inconvenient attention to the reason there are so many murders in Chicago.  It’s because the politicians have formed an unholy alliance with violent gangs. Did I mention, that these politicians are all Democrats?


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