The Democrat party and its history of violence

The Democrat party and its history of violence is legion. Even before the Civil War The Democrats tended to resort to violence as a means of political action.  The Violence in Kansas in the 1850s, known as “Bleeding Kansas” grew out of Democrat attempts to spread slavery to new territories. The burning desire of Democrats to protect and extend slavery led to the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision. The Dred Scott decision was not an act of violence by force of arms, but it instigated violence such as John Brown’s raid on Harpers’ Ferry. The Fugitive Slave Act impressed Northern opponents of slavery to hold fugitive slaves to they could be reclaimed by their “owners.” This led to violence on many occasions.

From and after the Civil War the Democrats formed the KKK and Jim Crow laws in an attempt to institute slavery in a new form. Lynching of Blacks became common practice in early to mid-20th century. There were attempts in Congress to enact anti-lynching legislation making lynching of Blacks a federal crime. This would have helped stop the practice because Southern juries refused to convict whites for violence against blacks.

Emmett Till

Lynching continued in the 1950s as shown by the Emmett Till case in 1955. Till was accused of whistling at a white women. He was taken out of town and brutally beaten and lynched. Two white men were arrested and tried for the lynching, their guilt supported by overwhelming evidence. After a Southern jury quickly acquitted them, they wasted little time admitting that they were guilty of the brutal beating and lynching. They didn’t just admit what they had done, they bragged about it.

FDR opposed every attempt by Congress to enact a federal law against lynching, which would have become the only avenue for punishment of Southern Whites for their murderous treatment of blacks. FDR did so because he needed the support of Southern Senators and Congressmen.

A great irony of history is present here. It was in the 1932 election of FDR that black Americans suddenly switched their votes away from the Republicans, the party that ended slavery, and began to vote almost exclusively for Democrats, the party that had been tormenting them since the first slave ship arrived from Africa and were now lynching them without fear of criminal charges.

So that’s all in the past. What about today? I’m reminded of the French dictum, plus se change plus se les même chose, (the more things change the more they stay the same.) Today the Democrat party has a brand new military arm to spread violence against its political adversaries. It’s called Antifia. A group of fascists claiming to be fighting fascism.

The psychological term “transference” is used to describe people who commit bad or destructive acts and then try to blame it on others. Another term is “projection” by which one’s undesirable traits are attributed to others. Whatever one choses to call it, the Democrats collectively are doing it and always have. Antifa is just the current example.

Antifa does not simply a protest against it political rivals, it uses and incites violence against them. Antifa is not simply a political expression, it is a gang of thugs.

UPDATEAntifa Behind Several Assaults at Patriot Prayer Rally in Portland

UPDATE II: It’s time to hold Democrats responsible for Chicago’s violence (68 shot, 10 dead, over the weekend) See, also: Gangs and Politicians in Chicago: An Unholy Alliance (All the politicians are Democrats)

James O’Keefe attended the opening of Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film, The Death of a Nation. Here is a video in which he discusses it and then shows how Antifa is being trained to inflict physical injuries on Trump supporters.


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