The Decline and Despair President

“Hope and Change” was the motto of the Obama election campaign which many soon re-phrased as “Hype and Chains.”  That was clever and humorous but the truth of the Obama presidency is now firmly established as a new era of decline and despair.  It’s quite revolting to hear Obama compare himself to Abraham Lincoln considering that Lincoln’s America was the time of “a new birth of freedom.”

From Nile Gardiner in the Telegraph:

Instead of hope and change, the Obama presidency has delivered decline and despair on a scale not seen in America since the dying days of the Carter administration. Both at home and abroad, the United States is perceived to be a sinking power, and with good reason. The big-spending interventionist economic policies of the current administration have been little short of disastrous, and have saddled the US with its biggest debts since 1945. The liberal experiment of the past few years has knocked the stuffing out of the American economy. Job creation has been barely non-existent, and millions of Americans are now significantly worse off than they were a few years ago. Even The New York Times has acknowledged “soaring poverty” in Obama’s America, citing a Census Bureau report showing the number of Americans officially living below the poverty line (46.2 million) at its highest level for more than half a century, since 1959.

To this Professor Jacobson adds:

What I find most dispiriting is not the decline, which as Gardiner notes is not yet irreversible, but that over 40% of the population still approves of the job Obama is doing:

When you consider that some of the people who do not approve of Obama’s performance want him to be more liberal, we’re approaching half the country.

That’s the depressing part, that almost half the country still buys what Obama is selling, or wants more.

The Democrat party can’t be expected to care about the destruction of education in America when it produces so many idiots who support Democrats and will vote for them no matter what.

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