The Coronavirus Will Save America

The Coronavirus Will Save America” is a brilliant essay by Gordon Wysong, an engineer and former County Commissioner in Cobb County, GA. His thesis is that while the virus is certainly bad for individuals who get it, the long term effect on America will be positive. He makes a good case for this assertion, wild as it might seem.

Here is a sample which I hope will drive you to read the whole thing:

Antibiotics are not the only pharmaceuticals or nutritional supplements coming from China, and soon the marketers of such products will face their turn in front of the bus.  Their executives see it coming.  Changes will be rapid and, again, invisible.  They do not want their products to be the ones cited in future news stories.  “Good riddance to China” will be the mantra of the entire industry, and America will be the huge beneficiary of increased domestic production, increased research on improved quality, and increased security — a trifecta that blunts the advantages China has sought to use against the U.S.

There is more, much more, that will be seen to improve America.  The coronavirus has been a wake-up call, and this time there is no snooze button.  If a supply chain is entangled with Chinese production due to technology, the business relying on sole sourcing is foolish beyond words.  If that still exists in 2022, the business is doomed.  CEOs, technology experts within large companies, and business analysts are going to be asking a lot of questions, and someone in the organization had better have answers.  The most obvious answer is to relocate advanced technology manufacturing to secure nations, including America.

China’s stealth war against America has been exposed, inadvertently, but it is no longer flying below the radar.  The overt threat to cut off shipments of antibiotic medicine and medical supplies, and the delay in shipping that may actually be taking place, has brought the issue to the people of America.  To say there is anger over such threats and actions is to understate the consequences.  Here is China, willing to send America a virus and then debilitate its supply chains to exacerbate the effects.  No longer is this a stealth war.  The American people are on to them, and no rebuttal will return the status quo.

If Gordon Wysong is right, and I believe he is, China will come to regret this attempt to bring America to its knees. Well, to the extent that any absolute dictator can ever regret any disastrous act it has ever taken.

Regret will be mostly for the Chinese people who will suffer great financial, political and social losses. The main thing wrong with authoritarian dictatorships is that every mistake made by the dictator redounds to the people, not the government.

Of course, any mistake by the absolute dictator can spell death for him or her. In every authoritarian country the dictator must always be looking over his or her shoulder for who is coming after them in an attempted coup. The power that lies in the hands of the current dictator is always coveted by those below waiting for their chance.

The main thrust of the Wusan Virus was to bring Donald Trump down. He’s a real thorn in Chinese leaders’ side and they would love to see Trump be replaced by Joe Biden. Sleepy creepy Joe would give them everything they want.

So far, all they have got for their vile attempt is that Trump’s approval numbers have risen dramatically.


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