The Conversion of David Mamet

Rush Limbaugh interviewed David Mamet on his radio show for about 30 minutes. Hugh Hewitt had Mamet on his radio show for 2 hours. Having listened to both interviews with great interest I will certainly read this book. In fact, I already found a quote from it that is priceless. On page 52:

Our politicians, left and right, are, to belabor the metaphor, the wastrel son: they are free to spend, to chase fantasies, and to squander resources, for the resources are not theirs, and there is no penalty for their misuse or loss.

And they have the chutzpah to tell us what kind of light bulb we can use.

Mamet’s new book is a natural progression on a piece he wrote in 2008 for The Village Voice, “Why I Am No Longer a Brain — Dead Liberal.” Mamet says he grew tired of how government wastes every hard-earned cent he pays in taxes, to produce only trauma and misery with idiotic policies that make every citizen poorer.

The book is not going to be the last word from David Mamet. He seems to be on a worldwide tour giving interviews to talk shows and news organizations. This former liberal is providing red meat for conservatives with his plain speaking criticism of the left. Interviewed by the Jerusalem Post he addressed the re-election of Barack Obama, to which he says:

“The question is, can he run on his record in 2012, and the answer is no, because it’s abysmal,” Mamet said. “He took a trillion dollars and where it went, nobody knows. He dismantled healthcare, he weakened America around the world, he sold out the State of Israel. All he’s got to run on is being a Democrat and indicting the other fellow.”

And, here’s one that will drive some in the media to the gin bottle: David Mamet admires Sarah Palin.

This is so delicious to conservatives and so chokingly bitter for liberals, especially Hollywood liberals, because Mamet was a reliable stalwart of the Hollywood left for so long. He was never a loudmouth like Meathead (Rob Reiner). He accepted leftist baloney by simply not questioning it. Once he became curious and starting reading and listening to conservatives, conversion was inevitable. Because Hollywood took for granted that David Mamet was solidly one of them, they are now staggered, surprised and stunned. They’re dumbfounded and flabbergasted. Struck dumb, boggled, stupefied and aghast.


But hey, let’s not get cocky.

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