The Consequences of Election Fraud — How LBJ Won A Senate Seat in 1948 That Changed The Next Twenty Years of History

From Ace of Spades Blog:

The Consequences of Election Fraud – What If LBJ Hadn’t Stolen the 1948 Texas Senate Election [Buck Throckmorton]

200 fraudulent ballots in 1948 changed the course of 20th Century history. We cannot let election fraud in 2020 do the same to the 21st Century.

In the 1948 Texas Democratic Senate primary, Lyndon Johnson (“LBJ”) came up just short in his race against Coke Stevenson, trailing by less than 150 votes after all the ballots were counted. But six days after the election, the local political boss in Duval County produced 202 more ballots that had been “found.” Exactly 200 of them voted for LBJ, in alphabetic order, and with the same handwriting on the tally sheet that voters had to sign. LBJ won the election by 87 votes. Texas was still a one-party state in 1948, so winning the Democratic primary meant LBJ went to the US Senate in 1949.

What if Coke Stevenson had not been cheated out of his Senate victory? How different might history be if LBJ hadn’t become a Senator?

Read the whole thing, it’s bracing.

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