The Clinton Economic Boom of the 1990’s — Let’s Talk About That

Alexis Garcia talks to Marbue Brown, author of “The Clinton Economic Boom.” Brown argues that the economic boom of the 1990’s had little to do with Bill Clinton’s policies and more to do with Y2K, the internet, telecom deregulation, easy credit and small investors. He makes the case of why the Clinton economy had nothing to with Bill Clinton.

The usual claptrap flapdoodle nonsense you hear from liberals is that Clinton raised taxes (true enough) and that created the economic boom of the 1990’s. This baloney is offered to justify increasing taxes and to ward off tax cuts. Tax increases never create economic expansion because taxes are almost always already too high and the next increase merely dampens economic activity even more. When the economy grows with high taxes the explanation is that the American people are industrious and find ways to prosper in spite of, and not because of, high tax rates. If taxes rates were kept to the optimum level with a universal flat tax that would produce revenue commensurate with and dependent on the health of the economy even more people would be able to participate in the prosperity, and the economy would grow even more. This being true the question is why won’t our politicians and bureaucrats, along with their willing accomplices in the media, tell us the truth about these things and lend their support to bringing about a change to a simplified pro-growth tax system?

The reason is simple. All the good things such a change would bring to the people, the “Country Class” in the terminology of Angelo Codevilla, would eliminate something the “Ruling Class”, Codevilla again, desperately wants to keep. That’s the easy ability to engage in social engineering and control over the riches produced by the American capitalists and laborers that the Ruling Class holds because of a complex tax system with loopholes and exemptions to be doled out by politicians to favored groups and political supporters. A constant barrage of political propaganda is therefore maintained to hoodwink voters who would benefit economically and socially from a simplified tax system. The zeitgeist created by this wall of social and political hegemony prevents reforms that would benefit the great majority of Americans. If we ever get smarter and less partisan journalists working in the broadcast and newsprint media a new awakening of the voters could happen. That makes people like Marbue Brown and the book he has written important, in my view. We need more like him.

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