“The Calendar is Not Relevant”

Mind over matter is what is relevant as we age. I like this paragraph that closes the latest Ross Rant:

“Periodically I try to give encouragement to those of you getting older by telling stories from my tennis club. I have a regular Friday game. My partner is 85, has two replaced knees, an inoperable benign tumor below the brain, and damage to a muscle in his tennis arm. I will match him against any 40 year old. He runs faster across the court, and moves quicker than most guys half his age, and he can hit and place the ball as well as any much younger guy. We call him the Energizer bunny. Two days a week he goes into the city and works at his vet practice doing surgeries- often 5 a day. Age and infirmities are all in the mind. The calendar is not relevant. Make the most of every remaining minute.”

That’s what I do! Or at least try to do. I go to the Gym most days and do a round of weights and resistance machines, and I ride the stationary bike (C3 Life Cycle) for 30 minutes with an RPM of at least 80 and resistance level of 15, which is pretty good for an old guy. To make it more interesting I do some intervals where I crank the resistance up to 16 for one minute, three times every during a 30-minute pounding of the pedals. That gets my heart rate up to 140-143. At my age my maximum heart rate should be about 150.

I am fortunate to have a Life Fitness bike at home for those days I can’t make it to the gym. At home I don’t have to wear no stinking face mask! At the gym I am forced to wear the damn thing. It doesn’t do any good, folks! There is no science to support forcing people to wear face masks, especially in a gym where everyone is healthy or they wouldn’t be there.

I love the Logan County Sheriff in Colorado who has said he will not enforce Colorado’s face mask mandate. He says to wear one if you want to but he will not enforce it. Yeah, a sheriff that better understands face masks than the pseudo-science face mask bullying fanatics.

Check this out if you don’t believe me:

More reasons why mask mandates are very wrong: despite widespread mask wearing where a mask mandate exists, there have been sharp resurgences in new COVID-19 cases over the last several weeks.

You don’t have to be an epidimiologist to understand why masks don’t work. We are told that covering our mouth and nose with a mask will prevent the Covid virus from entering our mucus membrane.

The mucus membrane that lives in our eyes and nose is where the Covid virus will enter in order to infect us. It is through that membrane that the virus makes you sick.  Even if the mask stopped the virus [the mask does not] what will protect our eyes? [Don’t tell any politicians or next they’ll have us wearing welders’ goggles].

Anyone can see that if you can breathe through the mask, the tiny Covid virus can also enter into your body through your mask. If want to wear something that will stop the virus you need to protect your nose and eyes, not your mouth which contains bacteria to help the digestion of food and is not the environment in which the Covid virus can live.

A little modification of the Lone Ranger’s mask would work better than the mouth-nose masks being worn today. First, put some translucent covering over the eye holes, they add a nose plug to the Lone Ranger’s mask, and now you’ve got something that might actually protect your from Covid. You’ll have to become a mouth breather, though. If you already are you won’t mind.

But wait, won’t anything that gets into your mouth also enter your nasal passages? Yeah, I guess even the Lone Ranger mask is still not protection from Covid.

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