The brutal murder you haven’t heard about

From The Elder of Ziyon:

Just the other day, Israeli-American educator and peace activist, Richard Lakin (76), died of multiple wounds incurred when young Arab Jihadis forced their way onto a Jerusalem bus and started shooting and knifing people to death. They were out to kill Jews because they were trained from childhood to despise Jewish people and when the Palestinian leadership started calling for slaughter – for a Stabbing Intifada – they went for it with gusto and continue to do so.  They were taught their entire lives by their religious leaders, by their political leaders, and presumably by their parents, that Jews are the enemy not only of Arabs but of Allah, himself.

I say you probably haven’t heard about this vicious murder of an innocent man who spent his life helping others is because the New York Times didn’t report it (except for a brief flatline buried deep in the back pages). So, neither did the rest of the national liberal media.  They wait for the NYT to tell them what is news.

Nothing new here, the NYT foreign correspondent Walter Duranty based in Moscow in the 1930s has been pegged as Stalin’s Apologist because he covered up Stalin’s purges and show trials and starvation of a million Russians. Duranty and the NYT played a key role in perpetrating some of the greatest lies history has ever known. The Times was also unconcerned about the Holocaust and never reported on it while it was happening even though others had provided ample evidence of it.

Similarly, the brutal murder of an American Jew on a bus in Israel is not considered news except maybe to offer a sympathetic apology for the actions of the Arab killers.

More about Richard Lakin, and left-wing Jew hatred:

He also fought for the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. in Washington D.C. on the day of the famous 1963 I Have a Dream speech.

 Hatred for the Jew is embedded in Arab culture throughout the Middle East and justified by the Koran.  The foundation of the conflict has little to do with land and almost everything to do with many centuries of Arab-Muslim race-hate toward the Jewish people.  If Israel behaved exactly the same way since its birth, but it was another Muslim state, it would be lauded throughout the world as… a light unto the nations.

Another sad thing is the inability of Israel to really defend itself from internal Arab violence and aggression.  Young Arab men run around the country endeavoring to kill Jews and if the Jewish community, via the government of Israel, stands up to defend itself the international community comes down on it like a ton of bricks.

Both westerners and Arabs have been trained over many centuries to conceive of Jewish self-defense as an immoral form of aggression.  It is for this reason that Jihadi rocketeers in Gaza could shoot thousands of rockets into southern Israel, forcing parents to snatch children from their beds in the middle of the night to the cries of sirens and giving those same kids post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and outside of Israel nobody much minded.  It was only when Israel stood up after taking it on the chin for years that the international community leaped up and demanded that Israel cease its aggression against the “innocent, indigenous Palestinian community.”

Finally, it is a sad but not surprising fact that the Obama administration does not care about this case.  Obama has not breathed a public word.  Lakin was an American.  He was an educator.  And he was a peace activist who stood up for the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.  Israeli-Arabs shot him in the head and knifed him in the chest at the age of 76.

One would think that maybe the president of the United States, who comes out of the same ideological movement as did Lakin, might have something to say, if only an expression of regret.

Thus far, however, nothing.

Just a few days ago Donald Trump said he thinks Obama hates Israel. Gee, I wonder where he got that idea.

The hatred of Israel and Jews is a main reason the Left in America and Europe identifies with (to the point of defending) Muslim terrorism. The Left accuses conservatives of hatred, but it is they who hate. They hate Republicans, they hate conservatives, they hate any black person who dares to be a conservative or even just a Republican [witness the current lying in the media about Ben Carson and West Point], they hate anyone who is pro-life, they hate you if you support traditional marriage, they hate anyone who dares to disagree with their left-wing agenda of constantly bigger and bigger government control over every nook and cranny of life.  Hatred is their stock in trade. It’s all they’ve got.

Now we have the University of California at Merced stabbing spree in which 5 students were stabbed [all expected to recover] and the stabber was shot to death by police. The stabbing maniac had a “Manifesto” that included praise for Allah and plans for a beheading.  The dirtbag’s name is Faisal Mohammad.

Merced County sheriff Vern Warnke said, “There was nothing to indicate he was doing this because of Allah, or because he was going to be rewarded with 72 virgins, or because of ties to a terror group.”

Nah, it was probably just a little misunderstanding among some students that went sort of bad.

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