The Blueprint: How The Democrats won Colorado (And Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care)

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The title of this book is wrong. It should have been “The Blueprint: How a Gang of Four Rich Leftist Statists Took Colorado (And Why Everyone Everywhere Should Care).” I guess that would have been too long, but substituting “Leftist Statists” for “The Democrats” and “Conservatives” for “Republicans” would have also been more to the point and would have worked.

It wasn’t The Democrats that pulled off the sea change in Colorado politics, it was a “Gang of Four” gillionaires that did it using the Democrat party as their vehicle. The “Gang of Four” are a group of extremely wealthy individuals who privately financed dozens of 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) and 527 organizations that worked to overturn the Republican establishment and install leftist radical policymakers throughout the state.

Pat Stryker, Tim Gill, Rutt Bridges and Jared Polis used their considerable personal fortunes to attack Republicans and defeat them. They were helped along by campaign finance laws largely written in favor of such wealthy individuals who can use non-profits and 527 organizations to fund their political activities confident that their corporate and less well heeled individual opponents will be hampered by those laws, and by simply not being as rich.

Stryker, Gill, Bridges and Polis.

Democrats in Colorado are in third place in numbers of registered voters, with Independents second and Republicans constituting the largest number of registered voters. Independents have for years actually been Democrats who were ashamed to admit it, judging by their voting habits. With Independents now abandoning the Democrats in droves around the country, this November may be the test for the Gang of Four to see if their strategy continues to work. They do still have plenty of money to fund the effort, but corporations are not shut out of the process since the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United.

Everyone everywhere should care about this because this is the story of four people so rich they will not be affected if they realize their dreams of turning America into a socialist utopia. As with their European counterparts they will continue to live in luxury with the added satisfaction of smug pretense to compassion. It will be everyone everywhere who are not blessed with billion-dollar fortunes who will see their standard of living decline, their liberty eroded and their children’s future stolen.

UPDATE: Now the gang of four and their fellow travelers are celebrating having flipped Colorado to a blue state in the 2018 election. Their advantage over the GOP is solid, made so by getting the law changed to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. This is immediately followed by registering illegal aliens to register to vote pursuit to the motor voter law.  It’s hard for the GOP to compete with a party that wants hordes of illegal aliens to cross our Southern border and become Democrat voters. Of course, it’s illegal for non citizens to vote, but liberal Democrats are not concerned with that. Getting and keeping power is their concern. That is the reason, and the only reason, for their opposition to a border wall. They don’t want to stop all those new voters from illegally entering our country and then illegally voting, for Democrats of course. If they voted for Republicans the Democrats would have long ago erected a wall that could be seen from outer space.

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