The big lie about gay marriage

How many times have you heard, “Hey, it doesn’t affect you!” Then you’re told to “just get over it.”

The big lie about gay marriage is that you should not oppose it because it doesn’t affect you. But it does. The big lie hurts everyone in a big way because it is a totalitarian movement that infringes your unalienable right to the free exercise of your religious beliefs and your right to associate with whomever you choose or whomever you choose not to associate. If you believe that gay marriage is contrary to your beliefs you will be targeted by the gay mafia. The gay mafia (just like the Italian mafia) depends upon assistance from its friends in the government for its existence. The gay mafia, just like the Italian mafia, will not leave you alone if your are in a business in which they see potential for gain to themselves. So far this mainly affects those businesses that provide services such as wedding receptions or furnishing flowers or cakes for weddings. As bad as that is, don’t expect it to end there. Totalitarians and gangsters are always on the prowl for increasing their take.

The First Amendment guarantees, among other things, freedom of association and freedom of religion. Having the right to associate with whom you please (so long as that association is not for an unlawful purpose such as racketeering) includes the right not to associate with persons with whom you are not pleased.

Gay marriage and the totalitarians who have forced it upon us are not content to leave you alone just because you are content to leave them alone. Just ask a couple of bakers in Oregon who declined to make a wedding cake for a lesbian wedding. Because the lesbians in question endured “emotional and mental suffering” after their cake request was turned down, the state’s labor commissioner demanded that the bakers—a husband-and-wife team—pay the plaintiffs $135,000. These lesbians could have obtained a wedding cake at any number of other establishments. Why did they have to go after these bakers with such a vengeance? Because that is what the gay mafia is and that is what it does. It is an angry mob that will do everything in its power to destroy you if you don’t agree with them. You must not only agree with them, you must love doing so. Or else.

In addition to this astronomical charge, the excitable commissioner ordered that the couple was not allowed to publicly proclaim their desire to not bake cakes for gay weddings. That is to say, the state slapped the Christian bakers with an enormous fine, then forbid them from advocating the point of view for which they were being fined. So, not only did these bakers have their religious freedom stomped on, their right of free speech was also infringed.

In Albany, New York at the Liberty Ridge Farm, another husband-and-wife team was fined $13,000 for refusing to host a gay wedding on their property (at which they host other public and private events). A judge subsequently determined the farmers guilty of “sexual orientation discrimination,” hence the fine. The farmers were also ordered to attend “staff re-education training classes.” The gay mafia, with the assistance of a tyrannical government, is going to force you not only to do what they tell you to do, but also to get your mind right.

These horrific cases are just the beginning of a new regime of tyranny in America. These cases affect not only the people directly involved. These cases affect all of us because denying the freedom of anyone threatens the freedom of everyone. They are the epitome of a totalitarian government that oppresses one of group of people to advance the political agenda and the desires of another group. That is what slavery was about. It too was an institution of mainly one political party. You know which one that is.

Don’t let anyone fool you with the big lie that gay marriage doesn’t affect you. It does. It affects everyone, and profoundly so.

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