The Best Things in Life Are Free

Essential Hayek by Donald Boudreaux

Essential Hayek by Donald Boudreaux

This free Kindle download is a treasure not to be missed by anyone interested in the subject, which ought to be everyone.

Millennials have been accused of wanting everything for free. If that’s true, and there’s evidence it is, they should jump at this free Kindle book. Of course, then they’d have to read it and that won’t be free of effort although well rewarded, unlike most of the free stuff they think they’re getting (net neutrality, e.g.).

Millennials claim to value their freedom and privacy. If they’re serious about that, Friedrich Hayek (1899-1993) of the Austrian School of Economics, student of Ludwig von Mises, should be their biggest hero.  They may not know that, but the introduction by Vaclav Klaus could help them out of the darkness and into the light of reality and truth.

A lot of free stuff is worth no more than you paid for it. This free Kindle download is an exception to that.  If it’s no longer free, I think it will be $0.99, essentially free.

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