The Banana Republic Schiff and The Democrats Want For Us

George Parry has a post on his blog, Knowledge is Good, asking whether there is any historical precedent to compare with the manner in which Adam Schiff and the Democrats are conducting the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Mr. Parry:

There is, and it comes to us courtesy of Woody Allen’s 1971 comic masterpiece Bananas. Here’s a link to a trailer for the movie which will give you a bit of the plot. Allen plays Fielding Mellish, a hapless soul, who winds up being tried for treason. At one point during the trial, after being tied to a chair and gagged, he cross examines one of the prosecution witnesses. Here’s the link to that scene.

Take a look and ask yourselves how much longer it will be before Schiff has the Republican committee members tied to their chairs and gagged.

Here are the two video links to which Mr. Parry refers:


And this:

Here is the entire courtroom scene from Woody Allen’s Bananas. It’s 6 minutes and it’s hilarious. Just about like the Schiff show the Democrats are conducting against Republicans trying to defend Donald Trump.

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