Thanks to the Delaware General Assembly For Adjourning its 2018 Session Without Passing New Gun Control Laws

Thanks to the Delaware General Assembly for adjourning the 2018 session without passing new gun control laws. Several useless and idiotic gun control laws had been pushed by Democrat Governor John Carney. The governor wanted to ban AR-15 rifles, magazines holding more than 10 rounds, and impose new legislation that would have prohibited law-abiding adults aged 18 to 20 from purchasing or transferring a rifle or rifle ammunition without permission from a parent or guardian.  This legislation is outright offensive and demeaning to Delaware’s young adults who are otherwise allowed to vote, join the military, and exercise every other constitutionally guaranteed right.

More thanks to the Delaware General Assembly for sending two pro-hunting bills to Governor Carney’s desk for signature. One would eliminate the restriction for hunting on Sunday and the another authorizes handguns in certain kinds of hunting. I hope Carney signs them.

Delaware is unique from other Eastern Seaboard states in that it actually values freedom over nonsense feel-good measures that do nothing about gun violence, and even have the potential to increase gun violence by making it harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves from criminal attack. It’s insane to believe that placing restrictions on peaceful people will have any positive effect on gun violence.

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