Texas To Feds — Take Your Light Bulb Ban and Shove It

The Federal light bulb ban is just the sort on niggling interference into every nook and cranny of private life that people find oppressive about bloated government and busybody politicians. Texas is fighting back against the Federal ban on incandescent light bulbs that will go into effect after next December. The Texas legislature has passed a bill that proclaims any light bulb manufactured in Texas to be free of the Federal ban. The new law awaits the signature of Governor Perry. If he signs it into law Americans will have new opportunities for smuggling — light bulbs that is. There are already many reasons to vacation in Texas, such as fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, taking a leisurely cruse on the San Antonio river as it gently winds through the city, visiting the Alamo, getting a hip replacement in one of the finest facilities in the world, taking in the music scene and nightlife of Austin — and now there’s another reason to visit Texas — to stock up on regular light bulbs and smuggle them back home, wherever that may be.

You can say it’s the patriotic thing to do. After all, these blessed United States, the greatest country on God’s green earth, was founded 235 years ago this coming July 4th by freedom loving and low tax demanding patriots who smuggled tobacco, molasses and rum for exactly the same reasons — to avoid the burdensome taxes and regulations of an oppressive government.

Governor Perry might consider the Texas light bulb build up to be a jobs bill. New manufacturing facilities for light bulbs and more jobs for Texans as more jobs are lost in the rest of the country from the stupid economic policies of Obama and the Democrats.

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