Texas Governor Rick Perry Is The Real Deal

Kevin Williiamson has a must read piece on Rick Perry at National Review Online. Here are a few nuggets:

“Rick Perry has a complicated relationship with the Bushes, which is to say that he’s hesitant to criticize them and they hate his guts.”

All the more reason to like Rick Perry, in my view.

When he was in Iowa Perry did criticize Bush for his big spending habits and his weakness on immigration. Williamson writes:

“The truth hurts, but there’s more to the Bush-Perry friction than that. One longtime observer of Lone Star politics described the Bushes’ disdain of Perry as “visceral,” and it is not too terribly hard to see why. The guy that NPR executives and the New York Times and your average Subaru-driving Whole Foods shopper were afraid George W. Bush was? Rick Perry is that guy.”


“…Perry, a tea-party favorite, personifies the hawkish new fiscal conservatism that has allowed the GOP to find its way out from under George W. Bush’s shadow, …

“He’s a free-market guy, to be sure,…”

On Why governors make better presidents than senators:

“Senators can get away with playing philosopher-king, but governors have to govern, for better and for worse.”

Democrats talk about economic growth and environmental quality, but Perry delivers on both:

“Texas has weathered the housing meltdown better than most states, and its job-growth rate is the envy of the nation. People who haven’t followed Perry’s career will be surprised to learn that he’s particularly proud of Texas’s environmental record — 27 percent reduction in ozone levels, 53 percent in mono-nitrogen oxides — and that he’s suing the Environmental Protection Agency in order to defend the state’s flexible permitting rules, which he credits with improving air quality without placing unbearable burdens on business.”

Read the whole thing, it’s well worth it.

I like the idea of a president who grew up in town named Paint Creek.

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