TeeJaw For The Supreme Court!

Well, I might be more qualified that Elena Kagan.

From Elena Kagan’s questionaire:

“d. List, by case name, all cases in courts of record, including cases before
administrative law judges, you tried to verdict, judgment, or final decision (rather
than settled),….

i. What percentage of these trials were:
1. jury;
2. non-jury.

I have never tried a case to verdict or judgment.”

Gee whiz, I’ve tried lots of cases to verdict or judgment. Put me in, coach!

I know, some people will get snarky and point out that there about one million lawyers in America that are more qualified that Elena Kagan if this were the sole criteria. Besides, under the Constitution it is not a requirement that a Supreme Court Justice even be a lawyer. But here’s the answer to that: If an appointee is a baker who has never baked a cake, a plumber who has never installed a toilet, or an insurance salesmen who has never sold a policy, we have a right to question that person’s abilities. Same with a lawyer who wants to sit in judgment of, among other things, the outcome of cases tried by other lawyers.

This was fun to write, but seriously, it is trivial compared the real problem with Elena Kagan. The real problem is that it appears from the thin record she has that she is hostile to the liberties enshrined and guaranteed in the first amendment and perhaps most of the rest of the Constitution as well. Our founding fathers gave us a Constitution that was meant to create and preserve a federalist system where the national government is a government of enumerated and limited powers. The Federal government reigns supreme only as to those powers it possesses and to which it is confined. It is the states that are general sovereigns, not the Federal government.

Barack Obama does not subscribe to that and his oath to uphold it was a farce. He has nominated Elena Kagan for one reason only. He knows her better than we do and he is confident she agrees with him and will work to advance his principle idea, making the Federal government big and powerful enough to regulate every nook and cranny of our lives.

Republican Senators and responsible Democrats will be put to the test. The time has come for all good Senators to come to the aid of their country. Reject this person because if she is given the power of a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court she will use that position to undermine the liberty of every American, for the next 40 years.

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