Teachers’ Unions are money laundering operations

Money laundering occurs when crooks camouflage the origin of money acquired from illegal activity through intermediate transfers so that the final transfer appears to be legitimate.  If the origin was drug money but the final transfer appears to be paid in salary by a legitimate business to its officers and employees with income from its legal business operations, that is classic money laundering. If money is obtained by illegal means the crooks may attempt to “launder” it make it appear to have come from a legal source.

It’s pretty much the same thing when persons or entities obtain money by promises to use it for a particular cause but then divert it to something else through careful manipulations designed to hide the real way the money is being used. Since money is fungible the mere fact of money transfers is not enough to establish money laundering. A careful analysis of the multiple transfers is necessary to make the case for money laundering.

Money laundering of funds obtained illegally is a serious Federal offense. Obtaining money under false pretenses and using it for something other than what was represented may or may not constitute illegal money laundering, but it’s money laundering just the same and it’s immoral.

Teachers’ Unions engage in immoral money laundering by diverting taxpayer money from public schools to political contributions to the Democrat party or directly to entities that fight for the political causes the unions support.  Since the only money public schools have to pay teachers comes from tax payers, and teachers are rquired to pay a percentage of their salaries to teacher’s unions, the teachers’ unions commit money laundering when they pass money that orginated from taxpayers to political lobbying.  The things they lobby for further the interests of the unions which are invaribly at odds with the interests of taxpayers. It’s a neat trick, getting taxpayers to pay for something that is not in the general interest of all taxpayers.  What the taxpayers believe they are supporting with their money is the education of children. The unions’ are able to divert the money to just the opposite, and merely supports a jobs program for teachers and union officials.

Unions bankrolling opposition to school choice and to oppose DeVos nomination

Three of the groups challenging the reform agenda of President-elect Donald Trump and his education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos received more than $2.6 million from teachers unions and their allies, according to federal labor filings.

DeVos, a pioneer in the school choice and charter school movements over the last two decades, has received vocal opposition from Democrats and some of the country’s most powerful unions. The National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers, and AFL-CIO, which serves as an umbrella group for dozens of unions including the AFT, have all called on the Senate to reject the nomination.

They have also pumped millions of dollars into think tanks and activist groups that have supplied Democrats with intellectual ammunition to oppose her.

When school districts go to the tax payers for more money through tax increases or bond issues they don’t say they need the money for political lobbying against school choice, something most taxpayers favor.  If they did that the tax payers would never approve the tax increases or the bond issues.  Instead the school districts say the need the money, you guessed it, for the children.

Public schools have brainwashed the public into believing more money for schools equals more and better education of children. In fact, more money for schools usually means keeping the failing public schools in business, to the detriment of education. As a result terrible public schools get a new lease on life and the children get the shaft.

Please think about this the next time you are told we are not giving enough money to education. It’s a crock.

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