“Taxed Enough Already” — Tea Party Movement Spreads to Britain

Daniel Hannan, MEP from South East England, and others are organizing a British Tea Party movement with its first rally at Brighton today at 10:30 A.M. MT in the U.S., 5:30 P.M. in Brighton. Hannan appears on Fox News occasionally and is known in America for his conservative criticism of the way Gordon Brown has run up a deficit in Britain to 12.6% of GDP. Greece is facing a major economic catastrophe with a deficit of 12.7% of its GDP. The 2010 deficit for the U.S. is projected to be 12% of GDP, same as 2009. The highest it was during the Bush years was 3.48% of GDP in 2004.

Hannan states the simple truth that lefties in Britain and in the United States never seem able to grasp: “You can’t tax your way out of recession or borrow your way out of debt”.

If you haven’t seen Daniel Hannan on the American “teli” you can get to know him with this video from March 24, 2009:

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