Take Your Pick

The Republican nomination for president seems to have winnowed down to three:  Gingrich, Cain and Romney.

Oh, gees.  It’s a little like being told you must go on a blind date with one of these three women:  Rosie O’Donnell, Janine Garofalo, or Joy Behar.  What would you do?  I’d jump off a cliff.

Gingrich is a idea man and a real talking head.  As an insurgent he has proven his mettle.  But as a leader the only time he got the chance he was a disaster.  He was a terrible speaker of the House.  Right after Republicans took over the House in 1994 should have been their moment.  Gingrich’s complete incompetence as a leader turned what might have been the opportunity to build the Republicans into a majority party into a calamity. By 1999 Gingrich resigned as Speaker with his tail between his legs and his reputation as a political leader and strategist in the dumper.

In a race between Gingrich and Obama every last scintilla of dirt on Gingrich will play relentlessly in the media.  Some of it might even be true.  Then there’s Gingrich’s awful tendency to haul off and say something really stupid sometimes.  Like when he was going around saying the age of Ronald Reagan is over, or joining with Nancy Pelosi on the man-made global warming hoax,  or his more recent dissing of Paul Ryan’s budget which might be the smartest thing to come from Republicans in years.

Gingrich is clearly the winner of the Republican debates and could hold his own in the debates with Obama, probably better than than Cain or even Romney.  Would it matter?  I have doubts.  There’s too much Gingrich baggage for the media to exploit.  Obama could win re-election in a landslide.

Romney is a former governor of the bluest of blue states and is no conservative at a time when America desperately needs conservatism to solve its problems and get us out of the fiscal mess before we become Greece.  I fear that Romney is too liberal to be trusted on any of what he may say now.  But worse, I think Romney turns off conservatives who will do what they always do when dissed by the Republican candidate — stay home on election day.  That could deliver a victory to Obama.

Cain is the most reliably conservative but lacks many of the qualifications to be a good president at the very time America desperately needs a good president.  Besides, the media will no doubt have dug up at least 500 more women to accuse him of sexual harassment by that time.  The fact that it’s just a case of mistaken identity and it was really Bill Clinton in black face won’t matter.

Yeah, I know.  I left out Perry.  But look, we had eight years of a Republican president who was tongue tied and had a hard time completing a sentence or a thought.  I don’t think the American people are willing to go there again.  I’d go there if that were the only other choice, but I don’t think America would.

How did this happen?  How is it that in the entire Republican party this is all we have?

Please Paul Ryan, please Sarah Palin, please somebody, save us!

Sorry to be pessimistic, but jumping off a cliff seems to be the only sane course of action right now.

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