Sugar and spice — the gentler sex

Study finds women are more controlling and aggressive toward their partners than men.

Convention has it that women are the gentler sex. But when it comes to relationships they are more likely than men to be controlling and aggressive, a study claims.Increasing numbers of women can now be classed as ‘intimate terrorists’, meaning that they are verbally and physically violent towards a partner. Psychologists at the University of Cumbria questioned 1,104 young men and women using a scale of behaviour which ranged from shouting and insulting to pushing, beating and using weapons. They discovered that women were ‘significantly’ more likely to be verbally and physically aggressive to men than vice versa. They concluded that violence was linked to controlling behaviour such as checking up on partners and persuading them not to see certain friends.

“Studies” usually either tell us what we already know, or they’re wrong.  Which one is this? See also, A kinder, gentler turn to the gender wars?

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