Stupid headline of the day

From the Washington Post:

In Pa., Obama pushes for his debt-reduction approach

Obama has no “debt-reduction” approach.  His only proposal so far is a $1.6 trillion tax increase and elimination of the debt ceiling.  He proposes no spending cuts of any kind.  If he got his tax increase the country would be thrown into deep recession and Obama would keep spending away.  The higher tax rates would not produce one dime of new revenue, in fact revenue would diminish because people would be losing their jobs and businesses would not be reporting profits.  Continued spending would mean continued deficits and further debt accumulation.  That why the Washington Post headline in so stupid.  Obama’s media hacks are doing all they can to prop up their guy.

Obama is not afraid of pushing the country over the fiscal cliff.  He is not afraid of a recession.  Many Democrats believe that the Great Depression helped FDR politically.  The history of the period shows it’s a plausible theory.  FDR won reelection not once but twice during terrible economic conditions.  While people were suffering they did not blame FDR even though we now know that the New Deal was largely responsible for prolonging the Depression.  It is not far fetched to think that Obama just might believe that another recession, even or perhaps especially, a deep recession could actually benefit him politically for the same reasons the Great Depression benefited the political career of FDR.

Here is an historic fact that should strike fear into anyone who would not like to see Obama and his entourage become more powerful:  The Obamaites are students of how FDR acquired and maintained power. They think that by studying FDR’s presidency they can learn how to increase Obama’s political power, and their own, even more.  It was World War II that got FDR reelected the third time.  There is historical precedent for suspending the Constitution during times of war, i.e., the Civil War.

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