Strange and Irrational Thought In American Life

Anti-semitism in America has traditionally been absent because it is clearly a strange and irrational way of thinking. Judaism is a 4,000 year old religion from which Christianity came. All Christian bibles include the Old Testament. America is supposedly the best country on earth for Jews, the one country where Jews have been most welcomed and where they have been most able to prosper and openly practice their religion.

Anti-semitism in America has been less a problem than in most other places around the world. Americans have traditionally considered Jew hatred just plain stupid. American Jews have been loyal Americans and good citizens. They have generously supported all manner of worthy causes that have made America the great country that it is.

So what is going on with the new and strange attitude toward Jews in the last place one would expect to find it?

From today’s Morning Rant at the Ace of Spades blog:

America is not an anti-Semitic country. Oh, there have been times and places in which it was common, but much of it was driven by social mores rather than the structural anti-Semitism of many European countries. But if there is an institution in which one can count on to find anti-Semitism, it is Academia. From the Jewish quotas at Harvard to the current vicious Jew-hate on many college campuses, It has been a fixture for a century, and is getting worse and worse.

Is it a harbinger of things to come in America? No, I don’t think so, but as J.J. Sefton has ably pointed out, the Left has taken over the academy, and is filling our children’s heads with mush in their formative years, and filling them with hate as they reach adulthood.

Part of that mush is a careful, well orchestrated decoupling of Zionism from anti-Semitism, as if the hopes and aspirations of Jews across the world, and across history for the reestablishment of the Jewish state in its historic location can be separated from Jews and Judaism. It has been part of the bedrock of Judaism since the Romans drove the Jews from Israel in the first century. In fact, there were other exiles mentioned in the bible, including the Babylonian Captivity, and they played a pivotal role in Judaism and its historical drive to return to the land of Israel.

Here is another inexplicable phenomenon that I’ll never understand.

Why do assimilated American Jews donate to leftist causes and vote for every Democrat on the ballot? The Democrat party has joined hands with Leftist Jew-Haters. The hotbed center of Jew hatred in America is clearly on college and university campuses and on the Democrat Left.

Conservatives are the least likely Americans to have anti-Jewish sentiments, yet American Jews for the most part continue to distrust us and embrace the Left that hates them. This is a very strange emulation of all the wrong people.

I’ve resisted saying that this phenomenon illustrates the myth of superior Jewish intelligence, as prominent Jew Michael Medved has suggested. Jews are clearly among the most intelligent people among us, proving that a high IQ is not adequate to prevent anyone from engaging idiotic behavior and beliefs systems.

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