Stand Against the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Paul Gardiner:

At a time when policymakers are debating “red-flag” legislation for gun-owners, we need to raise a very large “red flag” about the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and its effort to subvert the constitutional process of electing the president of the United States. The Electoral College exists to protect our Republic from the “tyranny of the majority.” It’s a defense against the interests of large, urban populations dominating the rest of the country. It is, in short, a bulwark of American freedom. Let’s not soon forget it—and fight against this usurpation of free and fair elections.

When the Constitution was submitted to the 13 colonies for ratification and creation of a new country, five of the 13 colonies contained most of the population. Without the electoral college there would have been little reason for the other seven colonies to have ratified the Constitution.

The Constitution was submitted for ratification in September 1787.  Rhode Island was the last to ratify in November, 1790. Were it not for the electoral college the five colonies with the greatest population would have been able to select the President and use the executive power to dictate laws and policies to those other 7 colonies without their consent. They would have lacked the political power to have their voice heard in electing the President.

The electoral college fixed that problem. It has been saving less populated states from the tyranny of the more highly populated states ever since.

Now some rich fat cats in large cities want to render at least 30 states in what they call “fly-over country” from having any say in the election of presidents.Why do they want to do this? Because they have absolute contempt for anyone who has any power to compete with them in the slightest manner. They want no political opposition from the residents of “fly-over” country whom they consider to be ignorant dolts and hayseeds.

If the United States were one country instead of a federalist amalgamation of 50 separate and divergent states the electoral college probably would not exist. But even in that sort of country there are regions of people with political disagreements. This can be seen within our existing states which are divided into counties.

Washington, Oregon, California, New York, Illinois, etc. are just a few examples where metropolitan counties hold sway over rural counties in statewide elections. I’ve always thought it would be a good idea for each state to enact something akin to the electoral college to give their rural citizens meaningful participation in statewide affairs.   States every bit as much as the whole country are a conglomeration of multiple interests with very different visions of what sort of political environment they want to live under. Think of how much different California would be today if the agricultural counties had a vote that counted for something in gubernatorial elections. Los Angeles and San Francisco might not be the filthy homeless camps they have become if California had a governor accountable to the entire state, rather than just few large cities.

Keep this in mind when you try to imagine what the United States will look like when just a few populous states elect our President.

Under the electoral college presidents are not elected by the people. Presidents are elected by the states. This is an arrangement that has served the most people with the most satisfaction. It would be dangerous to rip it apart which is exactly what the National Popular Vote Movement threatens to do. Anything that serves the interests of just a few states over the entire country is destined to cause discord of which we can barely imagine.

In order to avoid the looming tyranny of the majority the movement to National Popular vote must be stopped. Elizabeth Warren has said she favors getting rid of the electoral college. That alone should disqualify her for the presidency. We who value our freedom and want to have our votes in presidential elections counted should oppose her and her fellow travelers with all our might.

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