Jackpot for Spitzer’s ex-wife in divorce settlement

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.54.53 AM New York Post: Eliot Spitzer’s hooker-loving ways have cost him big — with ex-wife Silda scoring a $7.5 million cash payout and a steady stream of payments to maintain her luxurious lifestyle as part of their divorce.

Alimony of $240,000 a year also. I wonder what the cost per dalliance would be if the number of hooker-ups was divided into the total present and future value of the settlement he’s paying to Silda. It would surely dwarf the dosh for each tryst. Spitzer has to be a milestone in the annals of men thinking with the wrong body part.

Read the whole story, and see the hysterical photo that accompanies it.

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