Spengler’s top Ten Reasons to support Ted Cruz

Spengler [David Goldman] has ten reasons to support Ted Cruz for President. I like them all and you will want to read them all. Here is a brief summary:

10. He really knows economics.

9. He really knows foreign policy.

8. He really knows the political system.

7. He’s an outsider, and America needs an outsider.

6. Trump and Carson aren’t serious candidates.

5. Cruz is in but not of the system.

4. He’s got real grit–call it fire in the belly, but Cruz wants to be president and wants us to want him to be president.

3. He knows how to run a real campaign as opposed to a flash-in-the-pan media event.

2. He’s a true believer in the United States of America.

The above is just the teaser/opening sentence for each reason Spengler gives for supporting Ted Cruz. You owe it to yourself to follow the link and read the whole thing. You need to read the rest of Spengler’s argument for each reason he gives because that is how you will know exactly how and why you support Ted Cruz, assuming you do and I certainly hope you do. If you don’t now you might change your mind as the next year unfolds.

All the above reasons to support Ted Cruz are sound and important. Now here is the REALLY BIG reason to support Ted Cruz, all of it:

And the top reason to vote for Ted Cruz is:

He can beat Hillary Clinton. Not just beat her, but beat her by a landslide. Mrs. Clinton isn’t that smart. She looks sort of smart when the media toss her softballs, but in a series of one-to-one, nowhere-to-hide presidential debates, Cruz would shred her. Cruz was the top college debater in the country. He knows how to assemble facts, stay on message, anticipate his opponent’s moves and neutralize them. He’s a quarter-century younger than Mrs. Clinton, smarter, sharper, and better prepared. He’s also clean as a whistle in personal life and finances, while the Clintons could reasonably be understood to constitute a criminal enterprise.

Prominent liberal but also uber-smart, highly respected by me for his loyalty to Israel, Alan Dershowitz had Ted Cruz as a student at Harvard Law School. Professor Dershowitz said, “Never under estimate Ted Cruz; he is off the charts intelligent.” Professor Robert P. George, who taught Cruz constitutional law as an undergraduate at Princeton, commented on Cruz’s run for the Senate in 2012 this way:

“I think what you’ve got is someone who is going to be a real intellectual leader in the Senate. The closest parallel I can think of is Paul Ryan in the House of Representatives. He’s a real intellectual leader. He’s not just a factional leader. There’s going to be some big constitutional questions to address — And he might be one of the few U.S. senators who’ve read Tocqueville.”

Ted Cruz has argued 9 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and won five of them. Ted Cruz was a law clerk for Chief Justice William Renquist. He graduated from Harvard Law School Magna Cum Laude.

Abraham Lincoln was also a very successul lawyer before he became president.

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