Speech police will dog Republicans in the 2016 election

Wall Street Journal editorial Monday, June 8, 2015:

You won’t read much about it in the Beltway press corps, but a behind-the-scenes effort is under way to lobby the Federal Election Commission and Justice Department to stifle free political speech the way the Internal Revenue Service did in 2012. Don’t be surprised if the subpoenas hit Republican candidates at crucial political moments.

In late May the Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21 asked the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to investigate former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his Right to Rise Super PAC for violating campaign-finance law. According to the letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, “If Bush is raising and spending money as a candidate, he is a candidate under the law, whether or not he declares himself to be one.”

The theory behind this accusation is campaign “coordination,” the new favorite tool of the anti-speech political left. Earlier this year the Justice Department invited such complaints with a public statement that it would “aggressively pursue coordination offenses at every appropriate opportunity.”

One definition of the word “irony” is a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result. The irony here is that the Democrats have this law, McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance, they can now use to defeat Republicans. They stretch the law to its limits but they can do that only because the law is on the books. Where the irony comes in is that it will probably be used against Jeb Bush, and it was signed into law March 27, 2002 by his brother George W. Bush, after publicly stating that he believed it was unconstitutional.

Not only did the former Bush violate his oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution by signing into law restrictions on free speech that he believed to be unconstitutional, signing it was a dumbass thing to do because it was foreseeable that the law would be used by Democrats to defeat Republicans in future elections. Given that Democrats have the national media in one back pocket and a majority of Federal judges in their other pocket, signing McCain/Feingold into law was a colossally stupid mistake by a Republican president.

Of course, by 2002 I had already started my list of boneheaded mistakes made by W. I think this one was number 17 or so.  I quit the list when it got too long and too sad for me to want to continue.

So why was the Republican John McCain one of the main sponsors of this terrible law that gives and unequal advantage to Democrats.  Because Senator John McCain is a thin skinned and vengeful man who detests anyone who criticizes him in any way. McCain saw this law as a way to protect his incumbency. He also deluded himself into thinking that because he had made a habit of “crossing the aisle” to work with Democrats and to criticize members of his own party, that the national media would never turn against him and would protect him the way they protect Democrats.

The McCain delusion was starkly exposed in the 2008 election cycle when the National Media refused to cooperate with McCain.  More irony, there. This time it is pretty amusing. He thought that because the media eagerly made their microphones available to him for his criticism of fellow Republicans, that meant they liked him and would help him.  In fact, they saw him for the fool that he is and they never respected him, although they were willing to let him delude himself in order to keep flowing his criticisms of other Republicans.

The ship of fools we call Republicans will sail into stormy waters of their own making throughout 2016.  That doesn’t mean they won’t win the presidency, but it will be a lot more difficult that it might otherwise have been. They can still win, the same way they have in the past. When Republicans win, as in 2014, it is never because the country loves them or because they have given people a reason to vote for them. To the contrary, it is always and solely, because the Democrats have screwed up so badly a majority of voters want them gone.  But only for a while, only until voters get disgusted with Republicans again and forget how much they once despised Democrats. That is an eternal truth of American politics, and so far Republicans seem unwilling to do the hard work necessary to change it.

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